Planning to visit Chugoku in my Japan tour,need details.

I'm leaving for Japan soon,want to visit ten places to visit or activities to do in Chugoku.


Country: Japan


If you are headed to the Hiroshima area, I highly recommend Shimane Prefecture. It is the birthplace of Japanese myth and legend and home to Izumo Taisya, Japan's oldest and largest Shinto shrine, second only to Ise Shrine in terms of importance in Japan. Matsue Castle, although small, is original and just celebrated its 400th year of existence in 2008. Iwami Ginzan, an old silver mine, also received UN World Heritage status last year. Shimane is a two-hour highway bus ride away from Hiroshima, but be warned that the local train service isn't so frequent, and there aren't so many English speakers, but the people are friendly and will do their best to try to communicate with you! The plus about the local JR train service is that it borders the Japan Sea and there are spectacular views, especially at sunset.

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