my name is Raoul , i live in taiwan , i'm preparing a wedding for my friend origine from Jordan , i would like to know the tradition...

...for the wedding in Jordan , anybody know the culture or the wedding ceremoni , decoration coleur , or any taboo which i have to avoid ?? il would be helpful if anybody can provide me some website which have some image photo that i can really understand , thanks a lot Raoul


Country: Jordan


Hey Raoul;

nowadays the wedding are more westernized, yet depend on the family who's making the wedding; some have open parties (females/male), some prefer separated parties.

however below some links might help you;

More info over Jordan it's touristic site feel free to visit our , traveler guide to Jordan;

Yet you can visit our agency to book your flight to here etc.

If you need anything else feel free to contact us anytime.

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raoul .. first i would like to advise you that you must let his relatives take care of the wedding .. cause the traditions might be complecated ..
but if u want to help your driend .. you can rent for him a place or a hall for the wedding day party ..

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