are the places serve Koshery safe to eat in?


Country: Egypt


hi, not all of them are safe but there are some great, safe and well known places that serve koshary like:

el sit husneya oriental retaurant in dokki
koshary abo tarek in tal3at harb
koshary el tahrir (there are so many branches for this restaurant)

if you need any help just ask
Hi - personally I have never been ill after eating kosheri no matter where I've eaten from - the bigger and busy places will be safe and provide you with an excellent (and cheap) authentic Egyptian meal. Koshary Abou Tarek is one of the best known but if you are not Downtown then look for a busy place where the food turnover is high so that you know the food is freshly cooked and not sitting around for ages or being heated and reheated.


Lyndall El Masry
Nile Wave Travel
i think koshary el tahrir is the best one you can eat in
Eating koshery is a great experience so every visitor to Egypt should try it as it is Egypt's national food plus it is extremely delicious ,so been safe or not should not be a discussable issue.
if you are down town try busy place it's gona be fresh ( not more than two hours prepared ) especially if you are vigetarian , you will love if
beware of SHATTTA ( Hot sauce)

If you need what we can call a high class Koshary , so try Abu El Seed restaurant may be the safest one , but if you need a very public and nice one try of course Abu Tarek , both are delicious by the way

Enjoy your time

Of course, safe because there we have the Ministry of Health and Supply are always inspected this restaurant .. any restaurant does not meet the specifications of health is closed
just be good chooser

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