Hello We are now looking at Sardinia for a familly vacation. Can we rent anywhere or should we favor one side of the island above...

...another? Thanks Stan


Country: Italy


Hallo! Good choice! Many Italians prefer the Nord-East of the isle. The West Side is great for those who love the wild nature.
I recommend you all over the north by alghero to olbia. You can reserve in this Farm house
it's very very good
Can visit for example: Castelsardo, Alghero, Valledoria, Badesi (here is a beautiful sea), Santa Teresa di Gallura, Sassari, Tempio Pausania etc. has recommended the navigation system
Hello Stan,
Sardinia is a beautiful island best appreciated by car.
Anywhere you go is beauty, my favorite and still a bit underdeveloped is near Porto Sosalinos near Nuoro. There you could stay at for a real eco vacation and feel the real sardinia. I also enjoy the area around Alghero.
Enjoy your trip

Nancy Aiello
My favorite area in Sardinia is Olbia Bay and specifically San Teodoro where you may find dozens of houses to rent for the summer season. Excursions to the Tavolara island are really a life experience.
Great choice Stan! Have a look at the La Maddalena Islands, in province of Sassari. They are a must for whoever wants to discover the beauties of the Sardinian Sea. From the La Maddalena you can also reach the nearby Budelli beach,one of Italy's most enchanting beaches also famous for its pink sand produced by the coral shattered by the raging sea.

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