What is the longest river in Brazil?


Country: Brazil


Amazonas River
The longest is the Nilo River in Egypt but the largest in terms of volume is the Amazon river
We had this discussion before, but it does not hurt if I answer again, it is really the Amazon River!
The Amazonas is the world's longest!
The Amazon river not only disputes the position of the biggest river in the world with the Nile, but it is undoubtedly the longest in Brazil.
Its the amazon river, which is also the longest in the world! lol
Rio Amazonas in the state of Amazonas
There we go again, Amazon River my friend! :)
Thanks my friend!
The Amazon is the longest! :)
It seems that Amazon river is very famous abroad.
The Amazon River is the biggest and the most beautiful river in Brazil.
Amazon River, it is a beautiful river!
Amazonia, for sure!
Amazonas, I tyhink.
The longest river in Brazil (actually in the whole of South America) is Amazon and each year it floods yearly making it one of the most unique river with very unique spicies
i had never been there ,but brasilian pilot friend told me PURUS.

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