How many endemic birds in Brazil?


Country: Brazil


Well, there are five different regions in Brazil. In Rio we are in the southeast, and we have many different parrots and tanagers.
There are over 1700 bird species in Brazil which make up about 57% of all south americas bird species, although these numbers grow every year as new species are being described. About 10% of the more than 1700 species are endangered. Due to the fact that there are so many species it is difficult to give you an exact number of endemic birds, but since I am a bird lover myself and I live in Brazil I will research this more for you so I can give you an exact number. I hope I helped at least a little.
Brazil has a huge variety of birds all over the country! My State for isntance has a lot of bird watching places. I am from MARANHÃO!
Marapendi wetlands!
Parrots are very easy to find all over the country!
The toucans in brazil are abundant
In Botanic Garden you can find a lot of toucans!

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