Hi...I'm looking for a collaborative network in order to organize combined adventure tours (tracking, mountains ascension, mountain... raids, rafting, horse back riding, etc. ). Trips will last 8-16 days and tourists has to camp outdoor (in isolated and safe areas - in wildness... if possible), minimum 1 night of 3. The partner has to provide - minivan for airport transfer, and logistic support (by SUV)...We can not afford more 40USD/day for the vehicle, and 20USD/day for the driver. The partners has also to imagine and implement a reliable rescue/emergency plan. There many options and we didn't figure out yet, the collaboration way (scheduled employment, or service contract). If interested we are open to any negotiation, so please contact me by email (but... we are still looking for experienced partners - which means a minimum team composed by: 2 stalkers, driver, cook - salary 20-40USD/day - it depends on experience/references). Thx!


Country: Jamaica


Surely if you are looking to network with someone in Jamaica to offer such an experience, I recommend that you contact companyies that are established in the areas of adventure. Companys such as Chukka Adventure Tours and Blue Mountain Bicycle Tours. If you have problems trying to contact them via their website, just email me at and I will only be too happy to help. As for camping, I have researhed and have no one offering this service on our island. So your next best step, contact the companies I have mentioned and sell them the idea of combining adventure with camping. Let me know how this worked out for you.

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