January in Italy?

Planning honeymoon trip. We want to visit Italy, but I've heard its cold in Italy in January. Just how cold is it? Are there things to do? Is stuff open? Any advice?


Country: Italy


If you are planning to visit Italy in January, you'll find temperatures between -5 and +10 Celsius in Milan, Turin, Venice; 0 and +15 In Tuscany, Rome, Bologna; 0 and +18 in Naples. I suggest you to spend some days in Florence and in Rome. These two cities offer many alternatives. There are many pubs and good restaurants, discos etc.
Hi! Italy is definitely cold in January but it is also one of the best times to visit overcrowded cities like Rome - January is the month with the lowest tourist-traffic which means you will be able to visit the Vatican Museums (for example) without having to queue for hours as you would during peak season. Just avoid the first week, everything is closed on New Years' Day and many sites and Museums are also closed on January 6th (Epiphany).

In my experience - related to the city of Rome only - January can be cold and sometimes rainy, but it can be a great time to visit the Eternal City and you take advantage of the off-season (lower rates for hotels, no crowds at the sites, etc.)


Hello Charles,
First of all Congratulations to you and your beloved one for your wedding.
Visiting Italy in January is nice, although a little cold, there aren't many tourists around and you can find good deals with hotels. Shops are only closed on the 1st of january and from mid january you have sales starting. Museums are open as well as restaurants and clubs. In the north of Italy you might find some snow but it makes it more romantic.
Please let me know if you need any further advise and/or assistance with your planning.
Enjoy your trip.
Wish you the best!
Nancy Aiello
i can tell you about Rome and I love Rome in January....we dont have snow and the temperture doesnt go below zero. It can rain but you can also have wonderful sunny is not soo crowded and you can visit what ever you want without queues. in january is also the sale take your chance.....
Congrats on getting married.
January is cold and rainy and in the north it snows. But don't worry everything is open, and you can always get some spiced warm wine while you are walking around Rome
Yes in winter Italy is cold, especially in the north.
In south you can have warm day, also 18 degrees and not less then +3.
Sicily will be full of almond's tree in flowers.
Don't loose the old Capital of two Sicily that is the city of Naples.
Happy wedding, ciao
January is a quite cold and grey month in Italy, especially in northern Italy. I wouldn't recommend Venice,cold and rainy and with most of its restaurants and shops closed..less tourists but less to do and to see..
A better choice would be Rome, Neaples and Sicily.

: ) Barbara
On January Italy is very cold! I recommend you to visit Florence and Roma where you can enjoy some gastronomic activities like wine tasting and cooking class or some cultural activities like Vatican museums in Rome or the Uffizi and Accademia in Florence
Hi, the other answers before this are all great advices. I can only add a very romantic destination, a mountain resort. In Italy we have a lot of resort like Val di Fassa, Campiglio, Sestriere. if You are ski enthusiastic You'll find great slopes and extraordinary meals at the evening. Congrats for wedding
italy is very cold in january but you can get good offers for hotels and also there are sales
A honeymoon in the snow isn't a bad idea!! The mountains are beautiful!
January and February are the coldest months in the northern hemisphere. If you come from Florida or from Montana however, your perception of what we call "cold" may be totally different!!! In Rome, last time we had the snow was in 1985 (and just a few inches!). On the other end prices are lower for airfares and hotels :)!
If you want to plan a guided tour in the eternal city you may browse on my website
If you like skying the Dolomites can be a wonderful location for your honeymoon. Cortina d'Ampezzo and Madonna di Campiglio are among the best venues in Europe for a unique, international skying experience in Europe. And if you chose Cortina, you are not very far from Venice ...!
Yes January is not warm at all but you can take advantage of visiting cities and musesums avoiding the crowd. It's low season and so prices are lower and if you like skiing Italy has also great ski resorts
Whereare u from - may I ask? Winter in Italy..?? Wellmaybe not bad but as for honeymoon in winter I'd suggest Austria or Switzerland, Poland or Ukraine(cheaper)
Hi there, January is cold, yes. Everything is open as per normal so you have nothing to worry about there as long as it's after new year generally from the week after is fine. What region are you thinking of coming to? From there maybe we can give you some more specific advice.
hi, if you want to visit the italian heritages i suggest to arrive in Rome and visit the city in 2 days. Then go in Umbria to visit Perugia, Assisi or others typical umbrian and medieval villages like Todi, Spello and Spoleto. And then go in the south of Italy (especially in sicily)because if you are luky, there are mild temperatures...
January in Italy is not the most apropriate season, it's wintertime here rainy and cold, and italian people are rainy and cold as well during this time, you won't get the best image of Italy for a honeymoon.

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