will arrived in Vietnam on HCMC on April 25... need companion to visit Cambodia, a Guide to show me around Vietnam, Suggestion for...

...cheaper hotel needed Thanks


Country: Vietnam


Hi Roger,
We can arrange your accommodations and guide for Vietnam. Please advise your travel dates for Cambodia so we can arrange a companion.
hi there can you book me on April 27 to cambodia i will travelling alone!! any suggestion for a hotel 10$ a day or less in HCMC?
Have a good trip in HCMC and Cambodia. If you have time to visit the north of Vietnam. Contact me at
We base in Hanoi. Any chance you come up here, let take a look our site at for some travel information.
Have a great trip!
Hi Roger when do you plan going to Cambodia? I might be able to join you. For hotel, in district 1, the backpackers area you can get room for less than $20. Let me know if you need the hotel number.

thats expensive my friend 20$. wanna join me on the 27th to cambodia
hi Roger,if you want to visit around HO CHI MINH city by bus and need a guide ,contact with me :0938321390
ok i will add you in may YM lets discuss it there
Hey Roger, if you pay a visit to Hue I will be sure to arrange accommodation for you if you like. Guarantee less than 20$/room with services of fabulous quality.
Catch ya
Dear Roger E. Bautista,

Greeting from our travel , Our office located in center of HCM.we will offer you many options as city tour by moto with english guide ....
From HCM city , it is easy to take a bus to Cambodia 3 hrs , ticket is so cheap around 12-15usd .
For more info , pls give me your schulede via
looking forward to hearing from you.
De Tham stresst in Saigon distrist one alot cheper hotel, and alot food, shopping ....
welcome to vietnam, for booking cheap hotels, you can check through
Dear Roger E. Bautista,

Greeting from our travel , Our office located in center of HCM.We will offer you many options as city tour by moto with english guide ....
From HCM city , it is easy to take a bus to Cambodia 3 hrs , ticket is so cheap around 12-15usd .
For hotel , price is around 15-20usd / per night which located in downtown.
For more info , pls give me your schulede via
looking forward to hearing from you.
Hi Roger,

In HCM city, you can find hotel under 10$ in Pham Ngu Lao street, District No.1. That street is popular for backpacker stay.
To find more about the rate and hotel, you can choose by yourself in this website:

Enjoy your trip.
Mejo magastos yung ibang suggestion ng iba d2. Madami namang guest houses sa city center, District 1, around Ben Thanh. Pham Ngu Lao St. is one of the best places to bargain. How long are you staying here? Are you going to Phnom Phen or Angkor Wat.
hi Amiel,

yup mahal nga rates nila, may nakita ako sa internet hostel less than 7$ lang bale dating ko 26 ng 1am alis ko 11pm ng may 5th, pasyal lang sa HCMC at sa Angkor wat. baka naman matulungan mo me tol to find a cheap hostel!!
yeah just give me a ring, ano bang balak mo? are u booking your hostel before or when u come here? 1am yun dating mo so kung mag taxi ka sakyan mo yung yellow taxi VINASUN or MAI LINH, mejo madami manloloko sa airport.
e-mail mo lang ako, for more question, subukan natin kung anong maitutulong. plan your trip ahead mejo matagal pa para di masyang. i'll try to send you some travel infos,
hi,i f u like beach city,welcome to my city.its nha trang city.welcome to my hotel,its nice ,friendly,cheap price.only 10$ for one night.we will help u whatever u wanna help.just tell me or email me.u can share room with ur friends,maybe 2 people in a room
We cover the whole Vietnam. Go to , click on trip planner, fill in how you want your trip to be. One of our travel consultant will contact you. It is free to use this service. Thanks
Good trip Roger- most of the replies have talked about the back packer ditrict- you can find cheap hotels/guides and restaurants there
you will find the information you need right after you arrive at the airport in Hanoi
Kuya sa Pham ngu lao dun mga cheap na hotel pero ok nman, dito mlapit sa airport nkakita ako mga 17usd.
I suggest sa pham ngu lao ka nlng mag stay para asa center ka kung san man gusto mo pmnta eh mdali lang. ung papunta mo nman ng Cambodia sa may De tham St. ka papabook... add mo nlng ako sa Ym: jovymalit_19 pra mbigay ko syo ibang info...
hey me when you arrive HCM city....dont worry about are realy cheap...if you want..event you can stay at my home for room has fone,wifi...will made you number :0908060605
hi Minh
whats your email add? thanks for the offer man!!!
It's too bad that I'm not available during your time in Vietnam. A bus to Siemreap ($20-25-30): I highly recommend Mekong Express Bus (bus from Siem Reap with rep office in Pham Ngu Lao street, HCMC - backpacker corner). If Hue is one of your destinations in mid-Vietnam, then drop me some messages for hotels (around $15), local restaurants, and more... (..then you'll see and feel what I suggest!)
I have a German friend, she told me that she rent a room in the small hotel with 7$, but its too noisy, the she moved to another hotel with price of 9$. SHe said that its so so and didnt matter. That was 4 months ago. Now she comes back here and still rent room of that hotel. I dont know the address, let me ask her for you. It is also in Distric 1, so dont worry that its far from downtown. Hope that I can meet her tomorrow to ask. She will back to Germany at weekend!
i'm free from 28 April to 2 May to go along with you to Cambodia.make sure your plan and tell me.I'm not a tour guide, just companion
Do you want to visit the Phu Quoc island a few days then go to Cambodia nearby? If you find my idea is interesting, contact me for further details.
When r you begining your trip? Nevermind about Phu Quoc, if I'm free i can go along with you.Am I right that you are Vietnamese? I prefer to make companion with foreigner but it's ok if we just communicate in English :)
I can help you go around HCM city by motobike and neighbouring areas. Price of hostel is quite cheap. About 5-10USD/day, only included accomodation. Right at the center of HCM city. After that, I can help u arrange for ur next trip to Cambodia but without companion. You can contact with me by entering my facebook website included.
hi whats your email address
Dear Roger,
In Hue City, we can arrange a hotel room for you for about $8 to $10 USD. We can even arrange cheaper rooms, but you will probably not have TV. You can expect a fan, but no air-con. If you are willing to do without hot water, the price can get quite low. Let me know if you need help in Hue City, Central Vietnam
Also, if you need a guide for the central region, please contact me.
Hi Roger,
I offer a bit different take on Vietnam, through the food into the culture. You do not need to be a cook or a "foodie", just enjoy eating. Food is a window into the ways of life, thinking and cultural practices. Food is only one aspect of my services and i can show you the more traditional places as well. I can be your private guide anywhere in Vietnam and my Vietnamese associate can take care of all of your travel arrangements including Cambodia, local guides and hotels. We have resources to fit any budget.
Well, where to start. Hmmmm. Let's start at your arrival at HCM airport whether it be night or day but day is best. Just get through customs and go outside and climb into a taxi. Tell the taxi to take you to Pham Ngu Lau street. It is a bit of a ride but remember the fare should be about 10,000 Vietnam dong per kilometer. Some taxi's have special devices which accelerate the fares. It should take you about 20 to 30 minutes to get there if all is well with traffic. There is currently some major street repairs and some delays can happen but do not allow the taxi to detour to side streets as you can get your distance fee increases. The ride to Pham Ngu Lao is mostly a straight line for the first 85% of the trip and the remainder is some jumping around the streets but keep in mind if you get lost ask them to take you to the New World Hotel at the end of CMT-8 street and from there is a 5 minute walk. Other modes of transportation are available at that hotel. Once you have arrived at Pham Ngu Lau street which is the place for newcomers to come and meet existing travelers and this area's has dozens of shops and travel agents which can just about do anything you wish. Check out the bulletin boards in the various shops and resturants and cafe's to get some insight on who, what, where and so on. Do not use agents outside the city to arrange tours, it is ok if you know what your are doing but for newcomers it is best to stay with the city shops so if there is a problem you can have some degree of recourse. As for companions, post your request on the boards and for sure you will have more takers than you can handle. If you want a guide, the agents at the shops will supply those and most of which are freelancing but again you used a varifiable shop and there is recourse. Going to Cambodia is easy, as there is many buses leaving from Pham Ngu Lau almost everyday and of course air fare is also available. Why go to Pham Ngu Lau street, well, it has been there since before the 1968 war and even before that was the in place for travelers to stop, meet, communicate and move on. So, use a place that has been seasoned and as for pricings, like anything you get what you pay for and at least there, you will see some competition among competitors and hopefully the prices will be to your liking. As for accomodations, there is lodging for any size pocket book either in Pham Ngu Lao street or surrounding area within walking distances. Of course the taxi will be glad to take you to a place near Pham Ngu Lao street in which he may get a kick back for bringing you there but again it is easy just to go directly to that street, get out and sit in a resturant and do your stuff from there. Do not be shy, everyone does it and it is really a friendly place and believe me you will be showered with people wanting to help you and it is good manners if you use them, tip them. If you get in trouble do not dispair, go to any public telephone outlet usually labeled VietTel and use their phone and call 8010 which is information and as for help or direction or call me. finally note, use only taxi's which appear to be fully labeled and painted taxi's as they are licensed in most cases and subject to recourse.
thnaks for the information? any email number so i can contact you!!!
thnaks for the information? any email number so i can contact you!!!
Hi Roger.
I am living in Danang city for my long-term business trip - A very beautiful city lying on the seaside of Vietnam. when you come to VietNam, you should go to Danang, with an ancience city Hoi An. Almost forgein travellers spending their holidays here.
This time it's holding the World Fireworks Festival here with the attention of Australia, Spain, Philipine, China and Vietnam team.
Hope you have a great trip in Vietnam.
Pls feel free to contact me:
tel: +84912435205 (0912435205)
and visit my profile on facebook:
Hey Roger,
I can see above so many advices for you in HCMC. I just want to share something in PhnomPenh, Cambodia. I have traveled to Cambodia few times. From HCMC to PhnomPenh, you can take a bus for 6-7hours (247km). There're many service where you can buy the ticket like Mai Linh, Mekong... (when you come to Pham Ngu Lao st, just ask someone there, they'll show you) but in my opinion, I prefer Mai Linh service

With Mai Linh service (tel: +84-8-39292929): this is Vietnamese service, return ticket is 23$ (one bottle of water, handkerchief including, meal excluding). You need to book the ticket just one day before, 4 buses per day: 7:00; 8:30; 13:00; 14:30; I always take the 7:00 bus because you’ll arrive PhnomPenh around 1pm and have more time. The Cambodian Visa can be issued at border gate (25$ including service because person from Mai Linh will help to do it for you, no need picture), but if you want to come back Vietnam from Cambodia, you must apply Vietnamese visa in PhnomPenh, 2 pictures needed (no Vietnamese visa available at border gate).

In PhnomPenh, there are so many guest house with 7-10$/night. You should stay around the city center. I can borrow you a guide book for backpacker to visit Phnompenh when you come to HCMC. It’s very useful for you to arrange the trip. There’re some places to visit like Independent Palace, WatPnom pagoda, some museums, Central market, Russian market….I think just 1-2 days, it’s enough time to go around PhnomPenh. Take tuktuk or motorbike taxi possibly. If you want to buy souvenir, come to Russian market to bargain…

From PhnomPenh, you also can take a bus to Siem Riep (Angkor Wat). At Mai Linh bus office in PhnomPenh, you can ask information about it. It takes you 7hrs to Siem Riep. I haven’t been there so I can’t help you. But the guide book I told may help, it also includes some information to travel to Angkor Wat.

Ok…let me know if you still need my “guide book in PhnomPenh”, text me at

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