Is there leopards in Lunugamvehera national park?


Country: Sri Lanka


Hi, Yes. You can see leopards in Lunugamvehera. But you should try your best. Other s like elephans, crocodiles etc easy. We visited there last month.
Yes.... BUT....... very very difficult to see it unless you are very very lucky. It is a recently establishe National Park compared to the other major NPs. Good for birds though. If one wants to see the Sri Lankan Leopard the best place is 'Ruhuna National Park' also known as the Yala NP. In fact it is the best NP in the world to see the Leopard.
There should be as Yala National Park which is located close to it has some of the highest concentrations of leopards in the world.
It would be very difficult to see leopards in Lunugamwehera national park. If there are any. However "a recent study has shown than the Yala national park has one of the highest recorded densities of leopards in the world. Wilpattu national park in the north is another good place to watch leopards.

i suggest visiting Yala.
Call the park, easy Mathjan
yes there are but very rare if you are lucky you can see
Hello. There are leopards in Lunugamvehera Park, but if you want to see leopard, it is better to go to Yala National Park which is in the same area.

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