What agencies organize flights by balloons in Bulgaria? Thanks.


Country: Bulgaria


Dear Jadranka,
We are colleagues and I am pleased to send you some websites:

If I can be of any further help to you please get in touch using my e-mail on my profile.
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Thank you, my colleague!
I don't know specifically for hot air balloons but Dimitar at Delta Sky could probably help you find exactly what you are looking for. Dimitar does tandem paragliding tours and helps organize many other high adventure type tours of Bulgaria. He is based in Sofia, speaks English, and is very knowledgeable about folks in the business of seeing Bulgaria from the sky. You can email him at Good luck!
Dear Jadranka,
Unfortunately, in my area I don't know any company organizing balloon flights, but other extreme sports... If anything else, do not hesitate to write!
Balloone wow this is super cool be careful dont go out in hunting seson

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