Are there any agencies that organize flights by balloons in Ohrid Lake area? Thanks.


Country: Macedonia


Try to look and find more info about this on , but till now I haven't heard anything like this!!!
Hvala Elvire, Svetlana i Elena!
As far as I know there are no agencies that organize flights by balloons but I think you can rent a small plane to see the Ohrid Lake area. However, I suggest you ask other people from Macedonia on this matter.
I haven't heard that there are any agencies of that kind,and not in Ohrid. But you can try paragliding,sailing-boat or speedboat-it's better and more adventurous :)
Hi Jadranka!

I personally have a friend that rents a Balloon in Skopje. If you're interested i can ask for price for Ohrid event? If it's not too late?
This kind of information is always helpful! Thank you.
Hello Jadranka,

Please write your idea and intentions for the Ohrid balloon event to this email address:

Speak to Mr. Goran. He has been briefed about your request. He needs more details in order to give you a precise price for the event. You will get the price and all details from him.

I hope this will help. ;)

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