Can you suggest the most romantic place for a honeymoon in Hawaii?


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Kauai. It is an extremely laid back island with incredible beauty everywhere you look.
Kauai island would be beautiful. Its a lil more quiet and less touristy than the other main islands. Also look for the black sand beaches.
Kauai island would be beautiful. Its a lil more quiet and less touristy than the other main islands. Also look for the black sand beaches.
At the risk of being redundant, Kauaii IS the place. There is an exquisite Park on the North Shore that is unlike any other place on earth.
We live & work on the island of Oahu but also have a boat on Maui. Maui is a great island, quiet, scenic yet still has the modern conveniences. Kauai is great but remote and lots of rain sometimes...
ALOHA Elsie!

You know that everyone has their idea of what a "Romantic
Honeymoon" should consist of. If I were going to pick
a place that I would like to go for a Honeymoon, I would pick KONA. There are some fabulous beachfront properties down there that are for rent and they are perfect for weddings and family gatherings. You can go to and look at the Historic Plantation
Manager's Beach House for an example of what I am talking about. This home could sleep an entire family; allow you
and your spouse to eat every meal in privacy out on the lanai; or wander off to one of the three private beaches right outside your front door. I don't think it gets any better than this if you want privacy and family and friends around you on your Special Day.

I sincerely wish you and your soon-to-be Groom All the Happiness in the World!!!!! May God Make Your Paths Together Joyful and Prosperous!

Maika'I Pomaika'i!!!!

Kelly Chase
Sorry, I do not live in Hawia. Try the Conde Naste lists.
Sorry, I do not live in Hawia. Try the Conde Naste lists.
Kauai, Grand Hyatt @ Poipu Beach
Maui or Kauai are the most romantic islands in Hawaii. Kauai is where they film the tv show Lost so you can get a flavor of the greenery. It really depends on how much you want to spend. have fun
Exchange vows, barefoot on the sand. White orchids gracing your bridesmaids' bouquets. The orange glow of magic hour streaking the horizon as family and friends gather to celebrate your new beginning.

Now imagine a place dedicated to making your wedding day the incredible event you've always envisioned. Choose from ceremony and reception sites ranging from quiet beach fronts to lavish resort ballrooms. Leave the details to Hawaii's wedding planners who can help you choose everything from flowers to photographers.

As for after the ceremony, what more can we say about one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world? You'll just have to experience it together.
Go to this address,
I honeymooned in Kauai and loved it. We stayed in a B&B near poipu, which is the south side of the island. I really enjoyed how green everything was. It still feels local not too built up like Honolulu or parts of Maui. Hope that helps.
Aloha Elise,

I agree with one of the other folks who got back to you - everyone has their own definition of "romantic" All of the islands have their own character and charm so it depends on what you and your fiance prefer to do and what you consider to be romantic.

I think Maui is the best mix of all the islands and there are some really great things for couples to do. There's a lot of outdoor "hawaii" things to do and enough urban areas for entertainment and nice dining if you feel like going out and celebrating.

I would check out for vacation rentals. You will be able to find really cheap places to very nice hideaways where you and your fiance can feel like you're on your very own island.

I hope that helps. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! God's blessings and best of luck to you and your fiance/husband on your new life together.

Take Care

Hawaii does offer the elements of romance you would seek for a honeymoon. Here is a list of my favorite romantic places there:

Maui: Mama's Fish House and cottages. The cottages are on the sand, the restaurant is right there. Food is excellent. No driving back and forth after dinner, just stroll barefoot in the sand along the edge of the ocean.

Oahu: If you like the big hotel experience, either the Royal Hawaiian or the Moana Surfrider are fabulous. I prefer the Surfrider for the Banyan bar, the lanai, the restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating. It is a more spacious, old Hawaii experience. Not quite as famous and packed to the gills as the other.

Kauai: Hanalei Colony Resort on the North Shore places you away from the touristy Poipu area, up near the hiking and swimming along the Na Pali coast. This area is to me what distinguishes Kauai from the rest of the islands. Luscious, tropical, exudes romance.

Big Island of Hawaii: What says romance more than rainforest, erupting volcanoes, sandy beaches that come in colors of white, black, green, black and white? Snorkeling in clear waters in what feels like a giant aquarium. This island has so much to offer in romantic adventure that you will wish you had weeks to explore. We offer a treehouse for honeymooners, so check it out if you are interested.

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