where is inani beach?


Country: Bangladesh


Inani Beach is located in about 15 kilometers south from Cox's Bazar. You can have auto-rickshaws that starts from Cox's Bazar to Inani Beach. Or, you can rent a HiAce from any local tour operator which will cost you about 2000 BDT per day.
Inani Beach is in Cox's Bazar. You can be there from Cox's beach to 15 Km ahead. This beach is less crowded then cox's.
Inani Beach is 32 km, south, from the main beach of Cox's Bazar. A wonderful beach with coral stones and green water and less crowded. The drive to the beach from along the Marine drive. well, it is beach all the way to Inani. Wonderful sight seeing. Do stop on the way, about mid way, at Himchari to see the water fall and climb on top of the hill. Best bot to rush to Inani; take your time stop on the way to take snaps. People on the way are friendly. There are nice small hotels and guest houses to stay overnight.
Inani beach is famous for it's unique coral reefs ( like stones ) and for the secinic beauty and quietness.
15Km from Cox's bazar. The best is to walk down the marine drive . on the left you'll have the hills and on the right - bay of Bengal.
You can hire Chander gari, Baby Taxi ......also Microbus.

Don't stay after dusk.

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