I have some clients (all Russians) interested in travelling to New zealand for a couple of weeks holiday. Is there anyone who can... with the paper work,; visa application tips and stuff


Country: New Zealand


Sounds like you would be better off in Wellington mate. all the Goverment offices are in Wellington so everything would be easier. Also it would be cheaper to live in Wellington while you are compleating this. Aukland would be better for flight conections, for meeting your clients. Your elinglish is quite good so I think it would be quite easy to sort it online with the goverment departments. Do a search on what you want have a read and ask them questions. If it's simple visas then it should go easy. What sort of things do your clients want to do here?
you can do a lot of this online

if they have criminal convictions, the process will get difficult, however as a short term visitor, they only are required to tick the box on the plane
Hi Johann,
How are your plans for the Russians coming along? Everything sorted for them by now I hope! Have you made all of their trip plans within NZ as well - buses, transfers, activities? If you're looking for any help putting an itinerary together, feel free to get in touch!

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