hi all i'm nirvana samy (viva smsm) i'm 20 and i live in rod el farag, cairo, egypt i'm a tourist guide and i can help you and show... around any time feel free to ask me or to contact me if you are visiting egypt and i'm sure that you are going to spend a very great time :) have all a nice weekend viva :):)


Country: Egypt


hello nirvana,
how you doing ?

if you really want to help people to visit and see egypt you don't have to send a question to Egyptian localities ,

you need to answer foreign people question about egypt and you may ask them question or offering there a services ,

so you will find a lot of response there ,

thanks and have the best day every
hi nevy!

well as aymn told you itis for tourists who about to visit egypt or who are staying already in egypt that is the meaning of that web site. iam working in good travel agency in cairo if you need any help , questions you may ask , if you like to join groups to train as tour guide i can help you in that
contact me right here any time you like . thanks nader
Hi Viva Smsm

I think my colleagues said it all , any way i hope you good luck and good start , if you do not mind i would like to know in which language you are licensed preferably answer on my e-mail ()

Enjoy your time


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