How can I call France from the US?


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Hi there,
It is easy to call france from the US
the easiest way is to dial the numbers to get to the international line, in most country, you have to dial 00, then you add the country code wich for france is 33, then you dial the complete number. france is divided by area.for the center your number will have to start with 1, for the west, it will be 2, east 3, south west 4 and south 5.
let's take a random number in paris: 01 55 23 54 56 ( i don't know if this number belongs to someone, so better don't try to call tha tnumber)
i you want to dial thi number from the US, you have to dial like this: 00 33 1 55 23 54 56, easy no?
you are done.
just dial 0033 before the number you want but omit the first zero on the french number
It is easy to call, but you do need the correct numbers...

Dialing 00 first will not do it for you dialing from the US.
The IDD(International Direct Dialing)prefix for the US is 011.
The country code for France is 33
So you'd dial 011-33-XXX-XXXX the X's being the number you want...
Correction: I dropped a using Herve's example above change the international direct dialing prefix:

011 33 1 55 23 54 56

From the US, that will get you to France.

Again let's hope that number doesn't belong to anyone...
You dail 011 + 33 + the French phone number without the 0 they always put in front of the series, but which is only dialed when calling from France.
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