Is Ecuador best place to visit for you?


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Hi, Ecuador is a beautiful little country. It is peaceful and the people are great. If you come to Ecuador and want to visit the Amazon region, think about us, Yachana Lodge You will love your time here. Douglas
Hi. Ecuador is a very nice country, if you love the nature and simple live, it is a paradise for many people. Visit our web page: You fall in love with the pictures and the place. :)
Sure! Ecuador is amazing!
Absolutely yes, Ecuador is the best place for vacations.... Four natural regions: higlands (Andes), seaside, Jungle (Amazon), and Galapagos Islands... and you can go from one region to another in a few hours by car.
Well, the awesome thing about Ecuador its the diversity we have. You have beatiful beaches, amazing mountains, the tropical amazon rainforest and of course the enchanting islands of the Galapagos. People are great here and the best part of all everything is closeby!
yes, it is. there is so many things you can do and visit not just in the main cities, if you like adventure, relax, beautifull sightseeings. This is the country you want to visit.
Yes it is, Ecuador is a small country but in its short extension you can find a wide variaty of landscapes, climate, etc, it is said Ecuador has 4 different worlds The Coast, The Highlands, The Amazonas Region and the Galapagos Islands. In this beautiful country you can find places to relax and rest, mountains, beautiful beaches, jungle adventures, cruises in the Galapagos Islands, Adventure like Rafting, Canopy, Trekking, and anything else you can think of.
Ecuador has a single and unique particularity: in 12 hours you can go from the beach to jungle, crossing the Andes in the middle. It's like you breakfast on the beach, lunch in the Andes and dinner in the Amazon. Ecuador is just that spectacular!
Of course it is. Im Ecuadorian and i can tell you that Ecuador is a very good touristic destiny, because its cheap for foreigners, and everithing is very close. For exapmple from Quito, you can be on the beach in 5 hours, or in the snow in 2 hours, or in the jungle in 5 hours. Ecuador has 4 world in one: Coast, highlands, jungle and the unique Galapagos island. Besides if you want to learn spanish, Quito has excellent spanish schools which are good and relatively cheap.
Beach: MontaƱita
City: Guayaquil
I have traveled all around the World, from NY to China, from Greenland to Brazil, and, if you want a place with something for everyone, this is Ecuador. You have the Galapagos Islands, the amazing coastal zone of Ecuador (And its magnificent food), the fantastic Andean zone with its festivities and indigenous markets, and the fabulous Amazon rainforest. I have been living in Ecuador for around 30 years now, and I still discover amazing places to visit.
ecuador is a very small country, full of nice people and lovley places to visit.....come here and enjoy by your self the expirience!

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