Fun things to do in Bahrain? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in Bahrain which tourists rarely experience?


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There is a camping site in Sakheer which a desert inside Bahrain. The locals use tents for camping in that area during night in summer season. Its a lifetime experience to do the camping in Sakheer at night in summer.
That is of course if you enjoy the immense amount of rubbish the people leave behind. On the other side you can find some nice Bahrain souveniers such as sandals, plasticbags, used diapers and much more.
Depends on what you consider fun...if a night on the town is your idea of fun then head to JJ's the local Irish Pub where there is something on every night, quiz nite, karaeoke, retro nite etc & plenty of shows with international stars or tribute bands. There are also many clubs, Tabu, Aqua Feugo, Cocoon.

For a day in the sun...head to Al Dar Island, Coral Beach Club or the Ritz.

You can go bowling or ice skating at Funland. And for kids visit CHAOSS
fun things that locals do ( rich and not so rich)
1 sakeer desert camping
2 sheesha smoking
3 fishing
4 watching soccer
5 teen modify their car for street racing (kinda illegal)/ buying new cars and taking care of it best time killing job that most locals do.
6 pondering in beaches
7 malls
8 shawarma or malgoum .. its a junk food item
9 marina cornish .. families come to just hang out at beach
10 marina club.. all the rich dudes yachts could be found here
11 water garden and adhari park - our so called theme parks
12 riffa views golf court.. this is you should check out
13 clubbing.. Bahrain has a descent night life with loads international and local djs

most tourist miss the first 3 and no. 8
i forgot to add this
locals usually hang out in souks (local markets) which are located in hamad town, isa town and in Manama which is currently under construction and nearly to completion. if you come here check this souks out ..its a different experience

you should also check out fish market.. it stinks and kinda messy cause fishes all over but its a different experience you will see a different bahrain there.. best time is early morning around 7 to check it out.
if you planing to go to sakeer .. don't go in summer its freaking hot.. its wise to go in winter.. its just beautiful to sit front of a born fire in winter.
1)shisha smoking in various places and different scenes
2)sakhir camping (only in winter )
4)car racing (illegal)
5)F1 circuit during the drag or the formula 1 season in april
8) shopping centres
9)Manama souq
10)al 7idd beach :P (only when the weather is fine)
Bahrain Rugby Club

Just like any rugby club around the world, this place has a bar, a restaurant, a couple of rugby fields, and a swimming pool. Annie and Greg are the token expat Aussies who run the place, and what a great job they do. You can even get Crown Lager beer for a reasonable price! Manni does a great job in the kitchen. His chicken curry was one of the best I sampled.
So, if you ever want to have a cold beer and a friendly chat, drop on in
Pearl Diving,
Pearl diving
There are TONS of fun things to do that are completely off the beaten path! Check out , its an online guide to Bahrain with all kinds of hidden gems that even some locals don't know about.

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