Fun things to do in Canada? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in Canada which tourists rarely experience?


Country: Canada


Well it really depends on what part you are visiting...there is so much diversity.
1) Traveling with First Nations tour companies, visiting pow-wows or exploring aboriginal activities with them in Nature.
2) Ice-fishing with locals in Quebec.
3) Take the local cruise boat from Old Montreal to the Magdalen Islands
4) Take the ferry from Prince Rupert to Port Hardy in British Columbia
5) Offer free labor in exchange for beer-making lessons at a microbrewery
6) Go diving in the Saguenay-Saint Lawrence Marine Park
7) Sleep all night in the Ice Hotel
8) Follow wild horses on islands in Nova Scotia or on the Prairies in Saskatchewan
9) Pan for gold in the Yukon Territories
10) Storm watch off the north-west coast of Vancouver Island in November
it really depends on which part of the country you're visiting. We're the second largest oountry in the world. ask about a specific province you're planning on visiting, we can give you specific information.

Go on a real canoe trip for at least 2 or 3 nights. The most traditional places for this are in Ontario and Quebec, but there are lots of areas where the best--or only--way to travel is by canoe!

Probably the most famous place to do this is Algonquin Park, about 4 hours north of Toronto; if you look on the park's website you will find links to companies that lead trips if you have no experience doing them.

July, August and September are best, June is ok but there are more bugs, early October is cold for canoeing but great for hiking. May is bad for bugs but you will see lots of moose. In the winter you can go snowshoeing, cross country skiing or dogsledding on the frozen lakes...even winter camping.

Get back to Nature!
There so many things to do...sugar camps, PEI, Cap-Breton in Nova-Scotia, Pys de la Saguoine in Bouctouche NB, Hells-gate BC, canoeing Miramichi river in NB, Gros-morne national parc New Foundland, any nature walk, St-Martin south NB, St-Andrew's NB, Miscou Island northern NB, Wolfville NS, Blomidon provincial parc NS, any native trails or attractions, go work on a farm for a week...Have fun in Canada.
Snorkel in the bioluminesce at night in the pacific ocean (strait of georgia)
Snorkel with salmon in Campbell River
Scuba Dive
Hike Vancouver Island's north shore trail
Climb Mount Arrowsmith
Hike through the Carmanah rainforest
Paddle Quetico Park
Try dog sledding or snowshoeing

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