Fun things to do in France? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in France which tourists rarely experience?


Country: France


In my area, South west France, village events which are advertised locally in French so the tourists can have difficulty finding out if they dont speak the language. Such events include festivals, car boot sales, bingo, dances, local walking clubs and village dinners. None of these things are regular and held in the same place so you have to be able to understand the local posters. I am pleased to help people with these things if they come to me
Here are some options : spend a morning in a bakery, enjoy a market tour and tasting... check

un essai en montgolfière ! a few chateau do that.
it's expensive but unforgetable.
I think the best thing to do is to meet locals and get invited to their house !!!!! You will then learn about real French culture.
Fun and local? Play Pétanque (kind of bocce game), go to the local markets ...

Secret little details you do not know if you stay in your hotel with tourists? French drink their morning coffee in a bowl! French cheeses are sliced differently according to their shape .. etc ...
If you travel with French Escapade, you will learn and find out about all these details and meet locals !!!
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