Fun things to do in South Africa? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in South Africa which tourists rarely experience?


Country: South Africa


There's the ever popular diving into unknown depths from great heights or doing the worlds highest bungee jump!
markets, shows, hikes off the regular trails, diving. tourist things but in places that tourists don't get to see - locations that only locals really know
diverse culture, untouched natural beauty, rich history and ubelievably beautiful heritage sites,nice beaches,streams and mountains game reserves and all to those who are fans of the outdoors.
Find a South African,a good location,make a fire and have a braai and beer.If you are in CT you are invited to contact me.Norman, on 0825698299
True African culture.
Check out we will take you on a tour and let you experience true Africa.
shopping, theatre, bars, animal watching, live music, mementos are usual, but by going away from the tourist trap beachfronts, there are better prices, wider range of products, and genuinely local-made artifacts. Tourist spots will sell you a mask or bronze from Ghana or Burkina Faso and tell you with a straight face it's local goods.
We know better,... as a local Zulu told me "we don't use masks!"
Visit a local cultural village (such as Shangana Cultural Village near Hazyview) and experience the customs and traditions of rural people. By doing this you have a better insight and understanding of their customs and beliefs.

Shangana Cultural Village offers a unique team building exercise (based on the customs of a living rural village, whereby participants can learn skills how to survive the challenges in a remote cultural village (more info on )
there are so many things to do I suggest you look at my website for some
Plenty to do and explore :) South Africans are a friendly nation so the best is to hook up with a local and experience the culture and visit places off the tourist track. For me still one of the best places to go is Sun City. If u are an animal lover any of the game reserves will do. Zimbaly is one of the best places as well(for me) combining luxury stay close to the beach with golf.
If u r into night life Cape Town and Johannesburg can offer plenty of attractions and the opera in Pretoria is a pleasure :)
I guess it all depends what your interests are...
Depends on your destination. Each area is so unique with a huge variety of unique experiences. If you give us an idea of where you want to go then we should be able to assist.
Coastal if you enjoy diving (cage diving with sharks) or along the warm water diving with zambezi sharks. Inland is the semi-arid Kalahari. Mapumalanga offers a huge selection of things to do. Let us know and we will be able to assits.
I think many don't realise that South Africa is a haven for extreme sports. We have the world's highest bungee jump, the world's highest, fastest and longest zipline, shark cage diving, tandem paragliding off Lion's Head in Cape town, rapjumping down buildings, bridgeswinging, sandboarding down coastal dunes or minedumps in Johannesburg, mountain climbing, rockclimbing, skydiving, extreme caving in a World Heritage site (The Cradle of Humankind), hot air ballooning... and many more.

Turn your bland sight-seeing holiday into a thrilling adventure.
When I want to switch off there are a couple of things I do that I’ve never had my guests doing with me in no particular order:
Visiting Kaapsche Hoop: This used to be a little gold digger’s village some 30+ kilometres up the mountain outside of Nelspruit. Since the gold rush has gone this little place almost changed into a ghost town, but then some very eccentric folks moved there and breathed new life in to it. These folks wanted to get away from the rat race and soon city dwellers from all over started visiting there over weekends. Now Nelspruit, my home city, is known as the city in the orchards as it is surrounded by orange, lemon, avocado and banana orchards as it is situated in a low laying sub tropical valley. Kaapsche Hoop is quite the opposite, as mentioned, this village lies in the mist belt on top of a mountain and it is surrounded by Pine tree forests. Here you can go for hikes, horse rides and mountain bike trials in the forests and escape the heat from the sub tropical low lands. If you do not want to be that active this little village have the coolest lodges, taverns and bars where you can lay low and just chill with a glass of wine or beer with friends or you can pack a picnic basket and go discover your partner or friends at one of the many natural, tree fern surrounded waterfalls and pools in these forests. Kaapsche Hoop is also one of a few places in South Africa where you can see real wild horses or get glimpses of the very rare Blue Swallow as the area surrounding the village is one of only three places where this little bird breeds.
Then for the real extremists Kaapsche Hoop also offers excellent hang gliding launch spots and as the village is so high up on the mountain, whether you hang glide or just walked to the edge of the many canyons – the views over the Lowveld is breathtaking – truly an undiscovered place to revitalize mind, body and soul to us locals.
Talking about picnics, I also love to take that special person in my life to the hidden waterfalls not too far out of town. The Lowveld area has plenty of waterfalls along the tourist routes, but there are many, many more and most of them are far more beautiful than the ones usually visited by the tourist coaches. At some of these waterfalls you can even do a bit of trout fishing if you have the time and patience as the mountain streams feeding these waterfalls, are crystal clear and teeming with this fish species.
Another haunt of us locals are Marloth Park, some 60 kilometres east from Nelspruit. This estate borders on to the Kruger National Park and although there are many lodges and houses to rent, the fathers of this estate saw to it that there are no fences surrounding any of the properties within its borders. The result of this is that wild animals roam freely within the borders of this estate. In other words you may sit on your porch and have a zebra, giraffe, warthog and many other animals feeding on your lawn just on the other side of the steps down in to your natural garden! This makes this place feel like I suppose the Garden of Eden must have felt like as man and beasts live in almost harmony here. Other reasons why Marloth Park is so popular amongst locals are that it is almost undiscovered, so very few people go there, and, your closest neighbours are not close enough for you to see or hear them.

Golf: Here in our region we have a golf course that most of the foreign visitors never see or play, and if they do hear of it, they are normally too scared to go and play it; Skukuza golf course. This course is situated inside of the Kruger National Park and there is NO fence around it; which means all of the wild African animals can freely roam over the golf course while you play your 9 or 18 holes. These animals can range from warthogs to elephants and everything in between, even lions and leopards have been seen on the course! Truth be told, this however is not a daily occurrence, quite the opposite, but it is possible and that is enough to most tourists.
Because it is such a secret I’ve also recently started taking corporate clients from the city who wanted a think-tank or get together away from the office to the clubhouse. This clubhouse sits overlooking one of the larger water holes and a few resident hippos always remind one where you are. The reasons why I started bringing local businessmen here are that it is quiet, different and the surroundings are not only unique but picturesque, in other words perfect for that team builder and or small company get together, even to those who do not play golf.
So there you have it, this is the places we go to when we want to hang out and veg out away from the usual spots visited by everyone else, care to join me, well go look at my website!
A braai with locals is an experience that any person from another country must have.
Hiking is certainly on the top of the list.Preferably a weekend with some locals.Then not only do you get to hike ,you also get to know what and where the locals do/go... should you not want to punish your body then simply hire a vehicle & drive with the intention of wanting to see a lot of things.....This could be whatever you find interesting.there are a lot of possiblities. the other option you have is to South Africa that is....,then you don't have to worry about what tourist do.....think about it you'll be a local who would know what locals do. We just don't allow any foreigners to enjoy what is designated spots for locals to me and we could engage each other...and who knows,I might show you the hot spots
South Africa is a big country with different climatic conditions and a diverse population with different customs,cultures and tastes. It depends on your interests. If you like sport, nature, game viewing you can find it here. If you like hanging out and meeting locals come to Cape Town. From La Med to Long Street and find someone to take you to Zolis in Gugulethu. Why not book in at Vicki's B&B and she will show you how the locals live in the township.
I live in Durban on the East Coast. Let me list you a few things that we do as locals:
1. Get up early and go for a paddle in the ocean and have breakfast at one of the Wimpy's or similar simple restaurants on the beach.
2. Go to one of the Dams just outside Durban, pay a small fee to get in, and do some Bass fishing.
3. Go to the Supermarket or local Butcher and grab a nice piece of Rump Steak, Boerewors (South African BBQ Sausage) and Pork Ribs, pull out the Braai (BBQ) grid, light a fire with family and friends around the pool, or even take a small portable braai grid to the beachfront or Dam and cook there!

We South Africans braai(barbecue) a lot. Take a portable braai and go to one of the many braai areas in SA and just enjoy the day out.

We also like camping. Just too many camping sites to mention.

We love rugby (some do). Changes are that you will be in a SA city over a weekend. Chances are even better there will be a rugby match at one of our main cities. Even if you don't like rugby or don't know anything about it, go to a game, the atmosphere is awesome.

Mountain biking and hikes: Don't get me started on my passion. South Africa is turning into mtb heaven. Mpumalanga, KwaZulul Natal and the Western Cape have some of the best trails in the world.

There are so many things that the locals do that tourists don't know about like big parties at the dam, pub crawling, the best fishing spots and that's not including the sport.

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