Fun things to do in Chile? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in Chile which tourists rarely experience?


Country: Chile


Tourism in Chile is amaizing, if you like the desert, here´s the driest desert in the world.
If you love the lakes, volcanoes, hot spings, and lots of green, we have the south of Chile. Amaizing place for, fly fishing, walking, kajaking and enoying the majestic scenery.
The secrets of the locals in Chile is varied, depends on where you live, your social circle and what your interest are.
If you are looking for rarely experiences in Chile, I recommend a visit to the hill of Valparaiso, the real atraction here are loosing yourself in the city´s threads.
If you´re the type who craves character and cultural distinctive surroundings, this is your place.
I also recommend climb "La Campana".
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Spend a day in Cajon del Maipo, rideing a horse, camping with a group of friends, take an acustic guitar and play some 80's latin rock. Or.. if you like adventure in Cajon del Maipo you can do some paragliding, bungee jump, rafting, etc.. by the way, you should try an empanada on the way in Cajon del Maipo, they are delicious!

If you are an exchange student in Universidad de Chile, there are more fun things to do, there are always partys at any faculty every friday evening, hanging out with your group of friend inside the faculty and have some live music there is always a fun time.
If you want to know what are the secret things that only locals do. I think, should be the same all around the world, but you need to meet unless someone who can introduce you. if you have a bit of look, you could get some awesome stranger place because there're many around the south of Chile.
How I said you, locals in Chile use to enjoy their time in bbqs, meetings or going out. Even sometimes we try to take small trips to get some places to do what you like, as climb, play rugby, other sport or just chill out wiht friends.
All the best Jaime
Hey friend!
Well, there are many things to do in Chile, but it depends on where are you going to stay. In the north for example, you can go to Chungara's lake (placed over 4300mts), can see some beautiful landscapes, see very rare species of fauna and plants...
Here in Santiago (where I live) you can see so many different things, for instance you can see some tipical places downtown, go to the country side, go to termal pools, go trekking and hikking... many many cool stuff. It only depends for how long are you going to stay so you can plan your trip!
If you stay in Santiago, the night clubes and some bars are really fun! In Bellavista area you will find nice restaurants and bars. Go to the constitucion st.
In the south.... Pucon is the place! try the hot springs and climb the Volcano... you will love that experience!!!
kind regrads!
Tons of thing to do in Chile, it all depends on where you are located.
In the north, you have Bahia Inglesa and Playa Virgen. 2 beautiful white sand beaches that will blow your mind with beauty. They both have cabins and great camping sites, no complains there. You also have La Serena and Vinha del Mar, especially Renhaca. All 3 have tons of clubs and beach side bars/pubs that will always be a good time in Chile. They also have the casinos which are always a good way to spend money, at least I think.
Santiago is great. A true big city, its almost open all day and all night. Tons of good restaurants to try out, bars/pubs to go, and night clubs to go shake your body a bit. During the day you can walk around La Moneda and check out the beautiful history of Chilean bildings, which I gotta say are beautiful.
In the south, you have Pucon which is the biggest party city in the south of Chile. The nightlife is terrific and it wont let you down with its scenary of the volcano and other surroundings. Check out Hotel Pucon and the main street bars. Late night talk around the fire in the camping sites is always a must.
And then Chiloe is really the best scenary you can ever find in the World. Cross over to Ancud and enjoy eating on top of houses in stick coast side, known as Palafitos.
I can give you some more in details info if youd like, just email me. Have fun and enjoy everything.
if you live in La Serena you should go to the elqui valley
this was the magnetical center of the earth, so if you want an expirience out of this world the town of cochiguyaz is your answer, it is located at 2 and a half hours from la serena.
I Live in the south , and the landscapes are extremely beautiful, for example are new acomodations in the area of Conguillio are cabins and a new lodge called la Baita. , and the area of Curacautin with mountains and spring water center.
-Therre is nothisng more intetresting when you travel to
some specific country and do as they do. Exactly the things
they perform for fun. to be penetrated in the culture itself
the way they live, where they go, what they eat. those are
very litte stuffs but mark the difference and of course it
serves to be far off of all the regular common visited places by the tourists. Come to Chile, go to the stadium to
watch a game along with the chilean football hooligangs, in
Santiago go to the Vega Central, the flee market, if you are
going to stick around in the south of Chile, spend time along with the Mapuches tribes in a tend knowing of what
they live of, eat typical chilean food in a cheap restorant
and not in an expensive one, talk to the chilean people quite friendly to get involved with them in a great atmosphere of changing values of culture, observe and learn
they slang people here love to speak with slangs. i`m absolutelu sure you are gonna burst out of laugh and have a
strange but a unforgettable time really.....Good Luck!!!!
Olmue, Chile is the secret getaway of the locals. From here you can get to Parque Nacional La Campana and climb the mountain with the same name. You can also go horseback riding here, and there are many beautiful hotels in this town that wont cost you an arm and a leg.

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