Fun things to do in Ecuador? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in Ecuador which tourists rarely experience?


Country: Ecuador


Everything is fun in Ecuador!!! Since I love and live in Quito, I would say go to sunday mass in one of the churches of the old part of town, most tourists go there to admire art (which is really awesome!), however besides of me being catholic it's interesting seeing all the people that go to church because of faith and they don't really mind about the art work.

Going clubbing in another place outside "Mariscal" area; La Mariscal is very tourist place with handycrafts stores, internet places, restaurants, bars, etc; in this zone you can fin as many foreigners as ecuadorians, however if you wish to party outside Mariscal, you won't find other tourists and it will cost you a little bit more.

I would also reccomend, depending on your time of staying, taking Salsa lessons! You can pay about USD 50 or so for 10 classes with a profesional teacher and then you can wow your fellow travelers.

There are a lot of other fun things to do and most of them are fun for tourists and for locals because that's Quito a mix of cultures from all over the world in a city located 2800 meters above sea level!!!

If you need more info or have other question, please don´t hesitate to let me know.

Saludos desde Ecuador!
Look at my page. You will see!!!
To visit a brothel with a local companion of course, and to visit the guetho in a car or the invasions where people lives with no water or electricity, or over the surface of dirty, very dirty waters by the river, all of this with an expert in the areas so it will not be dangerous. Diferent yes, but tourist don´t get to see or take pictures of this I think it`s quite the experience even for a local.
Fun things to do in Ecuador?... well I will go with the amazing places to go camping, you can reach very hidden places with a 4WD car in a off road and expend the night in a tent and sleeping bag (I personally love it) The feeling of you and the nature... breathtaking.
Since I live in Quito, I know great places to have a cup of coffe, some drinks or a nice meals with the best view of the city and also the night clubs where only locals go to party.
Trust me. Come to my page in localyte and see great images. Pictures are better more than words.
you can do a lot of things for fun, hiking, trekking, bungee jumping, surf, skate boarding..., so everything you want, in our four regions we can offer a lot of experiences and visiting the country you can see our hidden secrets. Ecuador is a good showroom of south america, come and visit us.
On weekends most locals in Quito do sports, some interesting places are Parque Metropolitano in Quito, it has a magnificent view of the Valley of Tumbaco (you will love it) or the Chaquinan, a 20km old road (now only pedestrian way) that goes from Cumbaya (in the valley) to Puembo. I prefer the Chaquinan as this old road has also a very nice landscape, besides the weather in the valley is nicer, you have the change to rent a bicicle and get to the end of the way: PUembo, or you can just walk or do some jogging and enjoy this nice "promenade".

Another fun activity i can recommend you is "puenting" consisting of jumping off a bridge (puente) like bungee jumping, this activity takes place also on weekends, you can check the bridge of Chiche near to Puembo, or the bridge in the Av. Gonzalez Suarez in Quito. Good luck!
Lots of fun in all our country, just think that in only one day you can be in a beach, highlands, rainforest. And every place has incledible activities such as surf, rafting, hiking. About the secrets, they wouldn't be if I tell you, you have to come and then you will see.
Ecuador is a beautiful place with a lot of interesting things to do! You can do rafting canopying kayak etc. Baños is a great place to find this kind of things and tours with a lot of adventures and some adrenaline. The amazon region is a wonderful place to camp. Surfing in the coast of our country like in Montañita and another kind of sports it's easy to find with a lot of parties if you want. he he. Pleas visit Ecuador it's a paradise! We'll be happy if you come.
In guayaquil, must visit the malecon 2000 and malecon 1900 by day and malecon del salado by night,go to Cerro Blanco, Cerro Santa Ana,and the Iguana´s Park , and go shopping to the BAHIA, and barrio las peñas...If you are looking for Museums you must go Museo de la casa de la cultura, Museo municipal de Guayaquil, Museo Naim isaias,Museo Coronel Feliz Luque Plaza, Museo del Banco del Pacifico, ect..Maybe you should visit the zona rosa at night, and the aventura plaza, and plaza del sol and the piazza y la torre en Samborondom...
There are a lot of fun things to do in Ecuador, it depends in which region are you. If you're in our coast you can go to any of our beaches that has an amazing weather all the time. If you come any time between june and august you can see the whales.
If you are in Our Capital you can go to the Middle of the World, in which you can have one foot at the north and the other one the south hemisfere, or going to the teleferico to be at 4.800 feet highs. Near Quito you can go to the thermal baths of Papallacta.
The city of Banos is next to Tungurahua Volcano has a lot of fun things to do like xtreme sports.
In Guayaquil you have to visit the Malecon that is the Front River and the Santa Ana Hill that has a lot of little pubs.
If you can go to the Galapagos Islands you can swim with sharks.
Those are some of the things that make these little country a beatifull place to visit and to live.
Everything is different; the scenery, people,language, customs, gastronomy; but if you are thinking of something really amazing try galapagos' islands, or how about the amazon river and its amazing flora and fauna, maybe try visiting the middle of the world (literally speaking)and been able to set one foot on the northern and the other foot on the southern hemisphere at once.

I could go on and on for hours but it is really up to you to come and see for yourself all the great things there is for you to experience here.
It depends what you mean, dancing reguetton is for sure something you have never done, but, dont know if you like that kind of music! Wherever you go in Ecuador you will find amazing landscapes, BUT you can find it also anywhere else.. I would say, and what I often hear from tourists is people, we are charming and you are just amigo from everybody, try that word in any shop or place, when you start your question say amigo =)
There are a lot of fun things to do in Ecuador, but I guess one of the things tourist rarely do is trying all the different food we have in this country, yes they will try some typical food like locro (potato soup), fritada (fried pork), and of course some sea food, but in Ecuador you will find pretty much a tipycal dish in every small town.
Well lots of things to do...the others gave you really good info..check up my link and if you need more information do -not hesitate to contact to my e-mail I will be glad to help you with more specific information
Do you now that are a lot of fishing world records in Ecuador. And the most spectacular is fly fishing for trouts.
In new year we have a particular tradition: the burning of the "año viejo", which is a doll that represents a popular figure in our country such as politicians, footballers or tv presentators. It's burned on december 31st at midnight, trying to "burn" all the bad things of the year that has just ended. A funny and UNIQUE tradition in Ecuador!
I assume you are interested in having some first hand experience of ecuatorian way of living, apart from tourist things like kayaking, surfing etc. Here below some suggestions.

You could ask someone from Quito to teach you to play 'cuarenta', it's a joke with playing cards very diffused and quite funny.
Visit and indigenous market, but not Otavalo, now so touristic. A good one, not so far from Quito, is Saquisili, on thursday, you will be see many locals during their real life.
I don't personally like bullfights, but the locals do and the Plaza de Toros of Quito is one of the most important in the world. You could also see some bullfights on Andes, during indigenous fairs.
Sane for cockfights.
If you like football Quito has a very good team, named Liga, last year won the latin American cup and played the International Cup against Manchester United. So you could assist a football game, mixing you with locals, who love football very much.
Not for fun, but surely, as a guy has already suggested, to visit a church at mass time is very impressive, watching at how faithful and devote people are.
Fun Things:
Everything is fun in Ecuador, but I suggest to visit country farms spend a night and live like a farmer for a couple of days.

Secret Things:
The Middle of the World is not really "the middle", French scientist La'condamine missed the spot just for 656.2 fts., this happened 200 years ago.

!!!!!!!!! YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME !!!!!!!!!!!

I bet you $300 that I use physics to prove it.
"Imagine you can stand an egg on a nail", or
"flush water in south hemisphere runs in the clockwise direction and when you are in north hemisphere it flush opposite" or
"center of force" or
"use a GPS"

And I get plenty more.

Wanna know the secrets?, just hire me to be your tour guide.
I got some fun things in Santa Elena new province of ecuador. Check this!
A especial ritual with the comunity of Libertador bolivar in the coast.
waveboard Clases in Salinas Beach.
Live music in Cañagrill, montañita beach.
A Expedition to the local forest to see monkeys in natural.
This is my fun stuff.
Baños is a very nice place to visit, its located at 3 hours and a half by bus from Quito with beautiful attractions in the road.
If you like extreme sports such as rafting, bungee jumping, canopy among others, then Baños is definetely a place you'd love. Besides of its nice temperate weather, Baños has awesome views plus an abundance of bars and cafes to hang out at nights.

However if you want to come to the coast, you should stay one night at Guayaquil (considered as the economic capital of the country ) and look around the downtown. I would also recommend you to go to LA PALETA, its a bar that pretty much all foreings love and its located in LAS PEÑAS by the MALECON.

If you want to enjoy the sun and get a perfect tan, you can go to LA RUTA DEL SOL ("THE SUN ROAD") and enjoy all the nice beaches we have! The closest one is 45 minutes by car from Guayaquil and its called Playas but if you keep going further you will find an incredible amount of beautiful beaches around. For those who are into the rastafari and Bob Marley style you cant miss neither MONTAÑITA beach or CANOA.

If you like seafood, try a fresh ceviche... its a typical dish from the Coast and of course dont forget visiting the mountains, Quito is a precious and full of historic areas city !
Well Ecuador has many places where you can enjoy and get new experiences!..

Just imagine it… one day you can be on the beach and next you can be in highlands...

If you enjoy life at the beach Ecuador has many beautiful beaches that you can visit such as: La Libertad, Salinas, Punta Carnero, San Pablo, Punta Blanca, Ayangue, Montañita, Puerto Lopez, Olón among others.

If you prefer the nature you can visit the naturals reserves at Coast in: Esmeraldas, Manabí and Guayas.
At Mountain Range you can go to: Carchi, Imbabura, Pichincha, Cotopaxi and much more.
At the Amazon region you can visit: Napo and Sucumbíos.

But if you prefer the extremes, feel the adrenaline, and do crazy things, things that you never think to do, you must visit Baños, here you can do rafting, climbing, bungee jumping, horseback riding, mountain biking, visit the different waterfalls and the volcano that it has, and also you can do wildlife excursions where you can camping and watch beautiful landscapes and all the different animal species in the ecosystem.

At other cities you can also do surf, skateboarding, bike, motorcycle, and the nightlife in many cities are the best, you can go to clubs, discotheques, karaoke, parties, and you can also ask for some other events that realize in the cities.

If you come, you really must visit our capital Quito and the world´s middle, also you can visit Loja, it is a nice city and Cuenca too and of course Guayaquil, but any place you visit at Ecuador don´t forget to buy the beautiful handicrafts that you can find to remember this wonderful country. I bet you, your stay here you will never forget it.
You can experiment some underground music concerts and underground experiences too. There are beaches for do that and enjoy with locals.
Secret things? jajaja, well there are some thing we have here that you may or may not enjoy. For instance there is some food that locals enjoy especially after a good night of dancing. There are places around the city where there are lot of volunteering work to do specially with children.
Locals also like to do shopping in special places where you can find everything at low prices but without the commodities of a shopping center. Besides that you can always look for a factory or a farm or a place where maybe you would like to spare time learning how something is done. Let’s say you would like to learn how is a shrimp harvesting in a Shrimp farm of maybe how the chocolate is processed in a chocolate factory, something like that which I can arrange according with your interest.
Ecuador is a very interesting place to visit and you will have fun for sure. Let me know if you will need any assistance to make sure you have a grate trip

As any other country
one of the great things about Quito is that you are so close to many varied activities..............Banos (rafting quads motorcycles walks biking bungie) mindo (zip lining water fall jumping tubing) otovolo (great market and scenery) Papallacta (the most amazing hot springs) all these things are 3 hours or less from Quito, good luck
Ecuador has a lot of hiding places worth visiting. Perhaps out of the ordinary is best not to follow the typical tourist packages, which are always more expensive.
It is important to be willing to travel on public transport that we use here and try to practice Spanish and managed as an Ecuadorian more, enjoy the full range of ready meals and exotic fruits that this beautiful country can offer.
Ecuador is famous for many things, most part of tourist go to cities like Quito, guayaquil, Cuenca, or go to the beach.

But, few tourist knows that Ecuador is also a beautiful place to stay in touch with the nature and comunities where you experience how is the real life in the jungle. For example at Puyo city, you can rent a small plane and go to communities in the ecuadorian amazonia ( it cost about 400 dollars), and you can live in the way the people of the amazonia lives.
Ecuador is also atractive for climbing, for experts and no- experts.
Ecuador is the wonder of the variety of things you can do and everything is very close! Depends on the spirit of adventure you might have. We have different activities in the Sierra, where the mountains, glaciers and rivers are. The coast are very close and you will find many beaches to surfing and hiking. We also have the Amazon, where you find rafting, hiking, water sports and other extremes. Ecuador has variety of places to learn, choose and have fun!
In Peninsula of Santa Elena you can go to it a very fresh grilled fish in the Mercado de Mariscos (Sea Fruits Market). It is not an tourist circuit point. Fish and green banana, extremely simple... extremely delicious!
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