Fun things to do in Bangladesh? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in Bangladesh which tourists rarely experience?


Country: Bangladesh


Fun things- riding on a rickshaw seems to me the most fun thing to do. Or if you want, you can also take a bath on a roadside tape, where many locals do.

Secret things that only locals do-local males wear this funny dress called lunggi which is very comfortable to wear at home. It is something that is like a straight skirt, with check designs on it, made of cotton.
Travelling in the north eastern wetland areas of the country where any one can watch half a million birds at a time in the winter
In Bangladesh, you may get some amusement park. Some bars and disco club. Etc
You can have all kinds of fun here as the people are doing all over the world. For travelling you can go to the largest mangrove forest (Sundarban) where you can watch live Royal Bengal tiger. You can have a soft walk in Cox's Bazar which is the largest sea beatch in teh world. You can visit the northern part where you will love for long driving in country side. What else you city you can enjoy also.....
LOcal do all secrets what you do in ur city
One of the best thing to try in Bangladesh which tourist rarely do, to Travel to a river in Southern part of Bangladesh specially Barguna in Barisal region and try a freshly catch HILSHA fish and fried instantly. This trip will also take you to a lot of unexplored region of riverine Bangladesh.
Yes! they are funny things to me.....

1.) Fishing fist in the bengali month of Chaitra, when ponds get very dry, only mud left there in stead of water... all kinds of people take part in this and enjoy. It can be Found all most everywhere in Bangladesh during dry season.
2.) Rabbit hunt in the wheat field at some villages in Rajshahi region. People run after the rabbits and use simple hand made bow and arrows to hut the rabbits. Some other uses their hands only to catch a tired rabbit. Open for all ages of people. At the evening they gather their rabbits and cook and villagers eat together on that night. Very exciting for the people living in plane land. Time of this event: Each year Middle of April (After wheat harvesting).

Fun usually comes from the difference between cultures. An outsider can get fun from everything in which he is not habituated. (Example: staying in a village, playing cricket with village children/boys, planting paddy in a paddy field, take lunch there, pulling a cycle-rikshaw, travel by a boat in the river or canal......... I believe everything is exciting in bangladeshi village life.)

I welcome people all around the world to come to Bangladesh to taste our everyday life in the villages.
It depends on what time you are in the country. Like in March there will be a lot programs concentrating on Independence Day, in April there will be Bengali New Year programs, etc. In general you would find a lot of activities or programs to attend during the winter which is November to February. In summer you would hardly find any outdoor activities except open air conerts or going to theme parks.
The locals like to enjoy "Adda". Sitting somewhere and idle away the time in casual chat, drink tea, gossip etc. This tradition isn't that pronounced in other cultures.
Fun things:

Lets get into rainy..its the most natural fun..
Ride on rickshaw..roam around Dhaka..Have tea at footpath...
lots of photographic subjects around ..vibrant color of life to be framed in fun..
Great city..great ppl..thats a fun...
if u come in bangladesh u can feel real natural beauty.In Bangladesh have many nice, great spot but all of in natural stage no one changed by man. i mean no artificial beauty.Nature gives bangladesh some great place which can attract anybody.
Any traditional things to do ?? which is not usual for any foreigner ……

Rickshaw ride , go to the traditional market , spend time / visit any rural area to see the life style and as man try to wear Lungi and as woman Shari both are traditional dress here in Bangladesh
Any traditional things to do ?? which is not usual for any foreigner ……

Rickshaw ride , go to the traditional market , spend time / visit any rural area to see the life style and as man try to wear Lungi and as woman Shari both are traditional dress here in Bangladesh
so many funny things you can find bathing in the rain...having a ride in adda(gossiping) in the teastall with people...

The secret thing that i want to mention here is that people of this country is very much simple and cool.they love the people coming from outside.
there is a bengali song which goes like this: "if noone answers your call, just go solo (journey alone)." this is so true when you're traveling in Bangladesh. you can just sit at some road-side stall, and you'll find yourself talking to the man sitting next to you. he could be anyone. or if you want to meet some bangladeshi girls, then go to any retail clothes store in any street/municipality/privately owned market, and you'll find many salesgirls willing to help you out with shopping tips and good advice on what to do where, and where to go to find something. also, visit the dhaka university campus, which is always thronging with students and their friends from outside. weekends may be quite, but there will always be something to do/watch. there are quite a number of cafes in dhaka now, which are nice places to hang around with colleagues or friends or family. plus concerts are a regular thing in the big cities, where you can enjoy with the whole family including the kids. there are many sweet shops where you can taste sweets and not necessarily order a large purchase (which is what most customers usually do). plus, there are many hawkers in different public places (e.g. near educational institutions or bus-stands) who sell colorful t-shirts and jeans/baggy pants as well as beautifully printed skirts and three quarter pants. if its a rainy day, you'll get specially cooked rice with beef chips mixed in almost any bengali restaurant. if its summer, you'll have a variety of fruits to choose from. on a winter day, you can just get off a bus and look around for a "pitha walla" who makes dry or wet cakes out of wheat and flour on clay pots. and if you want a fun ride around town, i would suggest getting a motorcycle for hire rather than a rickshaw. you definitely do not want to get stuck in the horrible traffic during the peak office hours. if you have a long vacation, try renting a small flat or house on the outskirts of the town you're visiting. you're bound to come across a lot of greenery if you're outside dhaka, and the Buriganga river if you're inside Dhaka. also do try a boat ride in a big river. you're welcome to wear your own clothes, but its much more fun to wear what we locals wear especially during the evenings if you're going out. and alcohol on the streets or at a local's house are totally out of question. but you can always puff on a local brand of cigarettes. there is even more to do in this wonderful country, but i don't want to spill out all the secrets right now. have fun!
Bangladeshi people like to swim in river. There are some sceneries of children to jump into river. People generally like to visit Ashulia by boat during rainy season. Because it's magnificant scenery.

What People like to do secretly is to date with girlfreinds. Our Bengali parents want to keep their children's sexual message secret during teenage.

What foreigners miss our culture is making fun during Boishaky festival and pohela falgun festivals. During Boishaky festival we have our lunch with "Pantha Vaat and Hilsha" which is very tasty. During this time we would like to sing, dance, and color our faces.
Most fun thins to do might be attending a traditional wedding ceremony. Try if you can manage an invitation.
the best fun thing i know is staying in village. my village thats my home is very close to dhaka. my village is stunningly beautiful and whats best is in the picture what the village seems, its more enjoyable to really walk trough the soil built road, riding rickshaw in the village road, watching ponds, watching locals planting rice etc. i enjoy very much when i go to the village in vacations from dhaka.
so u welcome to visit my village and staying here.
its facilited with electricity and u can enjoy a good sleep.
What kind of funny things u wanna enjoy in Bangladesh?
How long u wanna enjoy the funny activities?

Come & enjoy funny moments in Bangladesh with me..
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Hello There,

Fun things in Bangladesh... lotz.

1. Rickshaw,local bus,CNG Ride.

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2. Eating Road side fuchka & chotpoti,chap etc.

3.Watching city from foot over bridge.

4.Boat ride @various river.

5.Just pack your bag & start journey for outside of the city.

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Depending on one's age Funny things can be varied. For the teenagers to there are so many things to do in recent times. Like -

1. Amusement parks in Ashulia. (Fantasy Kingdom, Water World)

2. In recent times Go-Karts have been introduced in Bangladesh. These are true racing karts, which are used at seven-time Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher's go-kart institute to train the racers.

3. Night life in Dhaka is no more boring at all. Discos around the city (Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara, Dhanmondi) like Dejavu cafe, X-lounge, Thunder bolt are catching the attention of many tourists from home and abroad.

4. If you find fun in eating local and international cuisines in the city of Dhaka, you are dafinately in the right place. International chain restaurants like Pizza Hut, KFC, Nando's, Coffe world add some extravaganza.

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