Fun things to do in Thailand? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in Thailand which tourists rarely experience?


Country: Thailand


Colors of Bangkok bicycle fun tour. You can't believe how Bangkok looks like on a bicycle until you done it yourself. have a look at

Interesting Question,
I would like to know, what kind of Activities do you like?
This really depends on your lifestyle, let me start with the morning time which we need to find the local breakfast which local like in Phuket:
Morning: You could wake up in the morning and go to Phuket town, there will be a lot of local breakfast restaurant sell "Siaw Boay" or "Dim SUm" a variety of steamed meat or " Kha-nom-Jeen" the noodle with selection of curry and a variety of vegetable. This is the typical breakfast for local Phuket. The favorite restaurant is Khoo Kwan in Phuket road near Robinson shopping mall or "Boon Rat" near the Dow roong school...Enjoy breakfast!
There are lots of places mainly visited by locals. I just got back from the fishing village in Rayong where me and my wife spent 3 nights eating each night excellent and cheap seafood right on the beach. I was the only Falang there eating and the area was nice and quiet. This is just one of many examples. It depends alot on what area of Thailand you are wanting to visit to answer in more detail. Rayong that I mentioned was only about an hour drive from Pattaya.
I think is something that a lot of tourist like to do also but not as many had try.

- Go have a drink at Cerroco at Stage tower top. For the view . It might be cost a bit but the view should be nice.

- taking adventure having nice street food from China town , Or most of street food area . King Pet , Best Pad Thai at Pad Thai Tip Siam

Of cause most of this need to have local people to help you order or recommend.
In this cosmopolitan world, there is hardly any secrets nowadays. As you see from most answer, we love our food. You can eat anytime of the day. A lot of locals (on the down to earth side) searching for new places, market to go and eat as well...
For fun food : A lots of night market around, the popular places are Chinatown, Talad Langsuan (behind MBK), Sukhumvit 38

For fun shopping : Of course the best is JJ Market, Ratchada Market, Talad Faichai (quite unique). Mostly office workers & kids stuff, shop at Soi Lalaisap (next to Bangkok Bank on Silom Road) good bargain and good selections.

Unique transport : Klong taxi ride (the shuttle taxi boat along klong San Sab which can bring you to different parts of BKK and you can avoid the traffic on the road. As well as motorbike taxi that you can see it every cooner of the streets or Sois.

Events :
Flying kites at Sanam Luang in April
Offer the food to the monks in the morning...daily ritual
Making Kratong from banana leaves during Loy Kratong festival in Nov

There are lots more, depending on your interests and the period that you travel to Thailand.

If you are looking for various events around the around, check out this link :

The book "Bangkok Cityscoops" has a lot of places that tourists hardly go. Check it out from major book store or website:

Have fun !!!
go fishing by hand with villagers in lakes or rivers.Such a great experience!I live in the south,Trang,and I like to go with my Thai friends fishing catfish & eel.They have to empty the river by hands and find the fish in the mud...Such experience!and believe,You will not see that in our country!!
The Thai food is the great here, you have so many varieties and still you crave for more, the food is very healthy and fresh.
This is one of the best time to visit Thailand due to the festival Songkranth, which is 4 days water festival and celebrated in a very big way by locals as well as tourists, will start from 12th of April
Which City you are visiting?

Bangkok night life, dinner at the fifty-fifth, party at boot, after midnight continue at escudo till morning. If hungry, then Chicken-Rice at Pa-Tu-Nam
first of all
-we need to know your lifestyle
-and ... what the 'secret things' you talked about??
staying and experience the daily life of a local.Live in Thailand like a local though your are a foreigner with very little expenses and enjoy your stay. If you interested, email me at . I can give you more details
Hi ! An friday or saturday evening, dinner at Ka Jok See in Phuket Town might be very entertainful. After that go to Timber Hut Live music! Have fun !
Go swimming in the public pools after work time
Would you interesting to do merit? Also it's fun and much more happiness you will get.

Most of Thai people are kindly and willing to do merit when we are ready. There are many places of orphan children and old people which no family to take care. Just visit them whenever you can and spend sometime with them. They would love to meet someone who care about them and share whatever you can with them.

Believe me the best thing you can get is the best thing you give!
what locals doingb is mostly partying. If you see some ligts in all color on the way just stop and have a look. Most of the time there is a party going on but mostly from 6 till 10.30 and not later. Most what locals do is drinkingand karaoke. Hope you have so;e fun
1. Get up early (5 - 6 am) make merit by donating food to monks walking down every soi.
2. Then go to the early wet markets (there are many in BKK) but a good one is in Prapradaeng (on the river) Samutprakarn - have your breakfast there. If you reside in BKK you should take the river bus to get there... is a great experience and never a traffic jam.
3. Since you are by now in Prapradaeng, head to Erawan museum; its a big 3 headed elephant (and I mean big)- thai's would come here to do merit... not many tourists (yet)...inside the elephant you can visit an excellent museum ... is truly amazing..!
4. by now its lunch time and go to the navy base where they have an excellent sea food restaurant... cooked and served by the navy... delicious.
5. After lunch you can walk around this base and experience a lot of coastal wildlife. The place is at the end of Suksawat (already in Prapradaeng), turn right and keep going until you can not get further. The place is right at the tip where the Chaopra river ends in the bay of Bangkok... its really great... you can also visit an old navy ship.. open to the public....

Enjoy !!
I think the best times I have had are at a Real Thai Wedding with live band and Traditional Dancers , This is hard to beat
Mr J-Mark
Lotsa Fun things to do jump on a Scooter and head for the Hills Remember your Mosquito repelent and explore. the North is amazing Experience the most amazing city Chang Mai and Travel to Pai. Forest, Waterfalls and Temples!
Thai like bowling (here is a good one at MBK.

Thai love to go to Chatuchak on weekends to buy cheap things.
Having lived on Koh Tao for over six years, ive seen many things the locals do, but the ex-pats usually have a great time, either doing pub crawls, seven elleven crawls, treasure hunts and just generaly having a great time.
there r many places for visiting, what kind of places that u like to go? day time for local and for clothing & fabric and accessories, i suggest for Sam-Peng Market & Indian Market (Pahurad) plus Dio Siam (in the same area of Indian Market. China Town, Ancient City in Samutprakarn, Bang Poo (for relaxing and nice restaurant and atmosphere), Floating Market at Don Wai Market. and for night life, u can go to thong-lor area (most pubs there and most thai people go there too) and if u would like to get some other place and need tour guide, u can contact me anytime. i'll be pleased to help u.
How about try something that so simple such as have a walk along the street and see how Thai living, eating, smiling..bla bla bla.... . You will be surpised to see something that interesting in every corners. Enjoy your life.
go river fishing in the lovely hills surrounding chiang mai, wander through very popular worarot market and chiang mai "chinatown" where one can finds great batrgain & almot eveerything under one roof, try late night or early morning kao tom or chinese-style congee (very nutritious). the sunday market, which trasforms chiang mai in a bazaar city, although well-known by tourist & travellers, is hugely popular with locals!
Go to a hill tribe new year celebration. This happens around the same time as Chinese New Year. Lots of colorful costumes, dancing, drinking and great food.

Here are 2 videos of a Lisu new year celebration I took last month.

Randy and Ning
Thai are basically simple people. A trip to a floating market will give you a glimpse of local life. If you done that, try a trip to "Pak Ret" Nothaburi area. For sure you will enjoy your time and have enough money ( in cash I don't see any ATM ) because there are so many items to buy there.
Hi Thai people really enjoy going out with friends and eating together and Karaoke. You gotta try this, it is loads of fun.
Locals also enjoy nature walks and just admiring beauty of the nature.
Have fun.
Fun things,
Many Are already posted above. Precisily speaking :-
1)Enjoy night life,
2)Beach side rest,
3)Enjoy thai food,

Secret things locals do is quite difficult to answer, still some of my thai friends do is,
1)Thai massage,
2)Dating and
3)Visiting karoke bars.

Hiring a "sedgeway" and riding around bangkok on it.
I think a must see is a temple like no other temple in the world where a million or more people go on a sunday and is the largest building in the world and its called "Wat Dhammakaya". Wether or not you are a Buddhist the temple (which is the size of a city) is one of the modern wonders of the world with an amasing Cetiya dome the shape of a flying saucer and covered with a million Buddhas. The meditation hall is bigger than an airport and you better make a note of where you are or you can get lost. You can get a free bus from Sanam Luang (just look for people dressed in white (try and dress the same) and just follow them you can get free food there and learn how to meditate but will see few farangs. Check it out on the lnternet. graham
If you're in phuket you must go to the night club/bar Timber Hut in Phuket Town and then also grab some dinner and party at Kajoksee. Join us for a boat cruise in phang nga bay also...its a cozy trip, few people on a huge boat ready to party and meet new people! many times our trips have local people that live around here, expats, thais, everyone!
One thing you absolutely have to do: go to a waterfall and DON'T take off your clothes. Thai people love it.
After that, go to a bar with livemusic and ask if the can play Hotel California from The Eagles (every band in Thailand plays this) and open a bottle of Sangsom whiskey.
I take your question seriously and I answer it the same way.

Having 35 years experience down here, I have fancied so many
cheered moments with (real) Thai friends.

1. Thai guys love their female gender even more than "tourists". And they really can have fun with them !!!

2. Fixing ad hoc a (for ex. Beach / House / Garden / Pool) Party with Thais. Without any plans, menues, big cooking
preparations, within half an hour you have great fun, all drinks and all kinds of (fast) fresh Thai dishes ready.
Start about 4 pm and by 8-9 pm its all over.

3. Then go to an "indisder" Night Club, Karaoke, Disco until
they close and lock the doors.

4. Remember those precious moments and take it easy
Get a map. Try the markets, early morning at Khlong Toei, weekend market at Chatuchak, the suan Lum night market. Visit Chinatown, Rattanakosin too.
well in Isaan they pump the water out of the ponds and then the whole village jumps into the mud to take the fish,you can participate
community based tourism would be the choice if you want to know what locals do...
That would me A LOT. If you send me an e-mail, i can send you some information. We do many trips to see locals in the whole country, and also a lot of trips to places tourist rarely find. You can reach me at (we dont only do mc tours)

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