Planning to take a Nile cruise in Egypt in Feb

How's the weather at that time? What sort of winter clothing should I take?


Country: Egypt


in feb it is the winter it is cold in the nigthe
in feb it is the winter it is cold in the nigthe
Hi - a great time of year to cruise. This is winter of course and the daytime temperature will be around the low twenties (Centigrade), warmer as you approach Aswan, cooler as you travel north. You may get some days of high twenties. Nights will be cooler, sometimes as low as 7 or 8 degrees Celsius. However, your boat cabin will be airconditioned and you will be comfortable inside. I would bring long tousers mostly but a some long shorts (maybe denim shorts) for being out around the monuments on warmer days. Long sleeve cotton shirts, maybe two or three short-sleeved T-shirts (then you can layer as you need) and one jumper or jacket. Sports shoes would be fine and comfortable for walking. In the evening you will be expected to dress a little more smartly on board your boat - trousers and a smart shirt, a jacket if you wish, dressier shoes.

There will probably be a pool on board your boat also, if you don't mind the cooler water you'll want your swimmers - and if it's not breezy it will be nice to catch some sun.

Having just experienced a February here - the weather goes a bit all over the place - we even had one day at 32 degrees C, but we've also been down around 17 here in Cairo. Upper Egypt is a bit warmer. So layering is the go :-)

I know you will have a fabulous time - please feel free to contact me if I can help further

hi there, it depends where you are; for example
cairo is a bit cold in feb, and you will need a sweater or a jacket specially at night,
luxor and aswan are similar, you will need a jacket at night, but it is nice and warm during the day
alexandria, you would need a jacket or a sweater most of the time. but in general the weather in february is pleasant and not very cold. welcome to egypt
hi there, it depends where you are; for example
cairo is a bit cold in feb, and you will need a sweater or a jacket specially at night,
luxor and aswan are similar, you will need a jacket at night, but it is nice and warm during the day
alexandria, you would need a jacket or a sweater most of the time. but in general the weather in february is pleasant and not very cold. welcome to egypt
The weather will range from 5-18 degrees in Northern part of Egypt - but as you approach Aswan and Southern Egypt it gets warmer .. You will only need a jacket or a sweater .. It never snows here in Egypt . its usually sunny..
As you are only taking a nile cruise ,, you wont visit Alexandria which is the city in Egypt where it rains most.. so do not worry much abt rain.. I am sure you will enjoy Egypt's weather in the winter like everybody does
Hi,In winter the weather is very cold and you need a jacket and sweeter,i wish you interested in Egypt.
In feb it is still winter , but in lxr and aswan it is warm during the day and coold at night
I presume you are leaving in February 2010 because you submitted your question in March 2009...
Well it is very cold at night, and warm ish during the day. You should definetely carry a fleece with you at night with some 3/4 pants, and have also a mosquito repellent at night too, specialy in any activity linked next to the Nile (felucca ride around sunset or having a cocktail while you are wtching sunset from the top deck). However, it is a nice and pleasant heat during the day, but make sure you drink enough water especially in upper Egypt (Aswan and Luxor) as the air gets dryer there, and you are more subject to dehydration than in Cairo for example...
Regarding clothing it is important that you avoid wearing short above the knees and go topless on the streets. flip flop during the day are fine, but if ou decide to do some activities organised by your cruise boat, like The valley of the kings in the west bank, i would advise you to wear closed shoes with socks... Hope this help...
the weather at the south of Egypt is great lots of sun and heat in the mornings and sometimes it's very hot , but at night it gets colder but getting colder for us means it will be 8 or 9 degrees for some people that's not much of a cold .
i think u should bring with you summer and winter wear at the same time ( about winter wear , not the skiing type just a good jacket will get u warm )
anyways man what am sure of that u will have a very exciting time cause u gonna witness the sweetness and the peace being inside the nile and the greatest civilization in history
u won't believe it . it will feel like being in an adventure movie .
yeah and bring your camera with u cause there will be some views u don't wanna miss
thx for asking
see ya soon in Egypt.
Student 37,
you are welcome to my sunny shinny EGYPT. at Feb. the weather is goooooooooood in the morning especially in upper EGYPT (Luxor & Aswan )at night you will enjoy the nice cold weather with some fresh air if you wear jacket or sweater.
that if you are coming from north Europe or North America. TILL ME WHERE YOU ARE FROM AND HOW OLD ARE YOU AND I WILL GIVE YOU RIGHT ANSWERS.
I recomend u wear a sweater or a jacket but not the heavy kind , a light jacket will do, as the weather at this time of the year is kind of cold , the tempreture ranges between 6C-18C
oh dear it's freezing at night u should take a heavy coat but it's not that cold at morning it range from 15 to 10
Look sir, Egypt has very beautiful weather,So If you come in the winter or summer, You will like it so much.
you need just wear a sweater or jacket,cause the temperature ranges between 5-19 degrees,but you won't feel the weather is cold, cause you forgot this weather when you walk in Egypt and breath Egypt Air and you know If you visit luxor or Aswan, wooooooooooooow, you will be surprised, cause the weather in there is wonderful in this time. So, when will you come to Egypt?.
during day it is good weather but at night sometimes it is a littel bit cold,better to have some heavy clothes
February is still winter in EGypt , therefore you need to wear winter clothes. jeans will be fine but u need a sweater and possibly a jacket with that. No open toes shoes because it is pretty dusty and dirty to walk around the streets of egypt so sneakers or a classic closed shoes will be perfect. It does not rain much so its okay if u dont bring an umbrella. thats it enjoy ur cruise and I hope you have a great trip in EGYPt overall...:D
U can take a nile cruise in february ... it is awesome coz in summer its much hot .. so it would be better in february i guess ..
Just sneakers , Heavy Jeans , Shirt + pull over And A Jacket, or a coat instead
The weather tends to get colder at night.
The weather is Sunny in the morning, but little bit cold at night, so a normal jacket or pullover is enough

the more u go to the south the more it becomes hotter

for more info, ur tour guide

002 011 50 50 90 1
Now we start the spring season since 21st of march therefore now the weather is sorta of kind weather around 22c-24c in the morning time but in the night it's a little cool around 14c, so if you ask about the time to take that cruise it's a good time to have now & about the cloths that you need to wear in the morning as summer while in the evening you should wear a high cool T-shirt or thin Jacket will be enough.
Have a nice trip.
it's too cold so u have to get heavy clothes
jacket & pullover
in feb the weather is cold
Al Salam Alekom

dear student

whether in Egypt at winter is cold for us the egyptians but if you are coming from eurpoe or us or any cold country by nature you wont have to be worried as you will find whether just perfect
For my opinion , the best time for a Nile cruise is at Feb and Mar , especially when you get down to the south (Aswan and Luxor)
Cairo is little bit cold but Aswan and Luxor are much warm and as i am from Luxor i can tell you that tourists here are enjoing the weather speicially whose coming from Europe , they find the weather is wondreful .
i advise you to take sweeter or jacket and along sleeve shirt just in case , i hope to enjoy your time and believe me you will never regret.
Well if u r travelling to upper Egypt then know it's Sunny by Day and cool by Night " in Winter " otherwise summer will be Sunny/Hot by Day time, it's spring time now and gonna keep cool for couple of months ,enjoy ur time spending and cheer :)
hi there,
if u looking to come to Egypt at this time is oky it's cold for us around 15 degree which is consider the summer time for you what u need to do is check what itinery u would like to do they have 3or 4 or7 night cruise tour u need to know what dat's u will be here where u will have the cruise from louxor or aswan if u wanna more details just aske me
it's cold so you have to bring cold clothes with you
great weather no need 4 jackets just a T-shirt AND ENJOY UR STAY....
Hi, I think u must bring heavy clothes with u because it will be cold at the night time.
Please check our website and you will find what you need
hi.its good choice to make the cruise in winter.anyway our winter isnt the same as our.this mean u have to bring summer clothes 4 day and winter clothes 4 1 can guess exactly how will be tmperature but in day about from 22 to night its really cold normally less than 18.of course i mean soutern part where u ll make the cruise but in cairo alittle bit colder
if need to know different pricrs 4 the cruises,and differentprograms just send me email telling me how many nights u want the cruise ,there r 4 nigts and 7 nights in all of them u ll see the same monuments ,but longer 1 is better because u see it with relaxation and u have more time to see the cities,markets ,navigation
u have to choose also 5 or 4 stars cruise
if u need any informations about any of them,names ,prices etc just send me email with more details

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