Where exactly is Jamaica located?

Is it considered part of North America? Are the islands across the world considered to part of the continents they are near, or are they considered to be separate?


Country: Jamaica


Some are considered to be seperate....some are owned by other countries,and would then be considered a colony...Jamaica use to be a British colony but now we are independent.We are located in the Caribbean sea along with other tropical islands.

We are neighbours to all the Americas which are North,South and Central we are apart of 'the Americas (as a general world region)'....our region is also called the Caribbean or the West Indies.

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Jamaica is located between Cuba and Hispaniola. We at one time in our history were associated with the Cayman Islands until we broke away and we became an independent country in August 1962. They chose to remain British and we hankered after independence. We are part of a conglomeration of English speaking countries, which tried to unite in a Federation and that didn't work for we, Jamaica, asked for independence and each island within the then Federation became independent one after the other. We now have CARICOM which is the Caribbean Community and we also are trying to get our own Supreme Court and Common Market with Visas and Passports etc. We now have an inclusion of French and Spanish speaking countries in CARICOM.

We are an hour and half away from the Florida coast. From Jamaica, in the west we can see the coast of Cuba on a very clear day and in the east we can see the south coast of Haiti. We are a part of the Americas because we are sandwiched between North America and South America and east of Latin America or Central America. With all that info. we should be Spanish speaking but we are very Anglo phonic in nature,because of our British history, but we are trying to rectify that slowly but surely.

Please feel free to come and visit us! We boast of being a melting pot of cultures and we do not have racism, there may be classicism but we have a representation of Lebanese, Syrian, British, American, African, Spanish, East Indian among other nations represented in our people. Our Motto is Out of Many One People and we are the only country in the world that has a prayer for Our National Anthem. Come and find out more about us! We can be very loving people!

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