I am going to Quy Nhon/ Nha Trang/ Mui Ne from 16th July to 21st July... Any suggestion for me? What is the most interesting place......

...where to eat and stay??? I prefer somewhere which is not so crowded and peaceful ^^ Thank you, guys! PS: If anyone is interested or go alone I'm warmly welcome to join


Country: Vietnam


Qui Nhon is my hometown and it is not crowded, very peaceful among others: Muine & Nhatrang.
Best resort: Life Resort
Others: Hai Au, Saigon Qui Nhon Hotel
Check the local restaurants..very good seafood
Thank you. I'd love to visit there too.... just a bit worry about sharks :D How do you think about it ^^
Is it ok if I come there at this moment of the year and dont need to book hotel in advance?

This depends on your way of tourism. If you like a peaceful and quiet place to spend your time with your darling only, then any 4 star resort is ok, no matter what it is QN, NT or MN.

For other purposes like traveling, diving, activities in the sea... then Nha Trang is the most suitable place where you can spend your 4 day vacation to explore, including hiring a bike/ moto to travel around the city. That will be a wonderful place for a 4 day trip.

Have a nice trip,
Thu Hang
Thank you, girl!!! I've already known it so can you give me some details? Where to travel around QN/ NT/ MN...??? delicious local restaurants? and exciting activities?
Just a small budget so I am not going to stay at resort.
Hai Au is good price/quality ... Make sure to visit My Lai ...
Nha Trang plenty hotels to choose from, same in Mui Ne
I will spend most of time outside so I dont really care about hotels much. What's My Lai??? Really need some suggestion where to travel around except the time relaxing at the beach. Or how about some specially delicious foods :)
Thank you, Kris!
If you come to Tuy Hoa we have no sharks, miles of clean beaches with no crowds on them, many nice cheap hotels and guest houses -- many near the beach and good food all over. The cost of most things here is very cheap compared to the other places too. In many cases half the price !!

We have the best (freshest) seafood in country.

I also offer good motorbike rental, all in top condition and pretty cheap to westerners. You can relax and have a good time here.
Maybe next time... It's already tight for this trip just a week.. I wish i could travel longer ^^
Thank for your answer alot, Bob.
Life Resort Quy Nhon is the right place for relax during your stay in Quy Nhon and their spa will make enjoy there.
Mui Ne, you can stay at villa of L'Anmien Resort & Spa. Nice and peaceful place to rest and relax. The food at both hotel also very nice with option Vietnamese or International food.
in my opinion is Nha Trang is the most interesting place. there are more entertainments in there. Mui Ne is a bit quire. there are not much entertainments in there. the beachese in there is so clean and nice. howevery if u like a noise environment u should go to Nha Trang, otherwise u go to Mui Ne. have a nice trip

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