Greetings ! Can any one give me a clear answer for my question ? " Heli Tours" is operating Domestic Flights to Trinco and Jaffna on...

...Fixed Days , but where do they do the landings in Trincomalee ? If they land in China Bay , Is there any transpotrtaion to the exact destination on land or do the guests have to get arranged by them selve or by their operator? Any body has expeerianced this Air trip to Trinco please?


Country: Sri Lanka


The new flight schedules will come into effect from Monday the 27th of July. Accordingly there will be a ‘thrice weekly’ flight to Jaffna on each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. A return ticket will cost Rs. 19100, Air Force sources said.

The return ticket price from Ratmalana to Trincomale will be Rs. 15,300 and the flight will operate on Saturdays returning the following day.

The “Helitours” service also includes transportation from international to domestic destinations, while flight rates per head would be from USD 70 upwards, the sources further said.

For further details, and reservations contact : 0602144244 (Hotline), Email: .
The flight will commence from Monday the 27th of July, Wednesday and Friday (thrice a week) return Next day

Should you need transfers from there onwards you will need to arrange it on your own.

If you need further clarifications please do write to where i could give you further info about arranging/organizing your tour here.
You can get all the details from

Email address

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