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hello, can anyone recommend a not so expensive bed & breakfast/hostel in Vienna that are nice and clean? I wouldn't mind staying in small inn run by a family/local. thanks. ~ruby


Country: Austria


According to this web site, this is the best hostel in Vienna:
The rooms start at 19 Euros a night, and can be booked on line. The price does not include breakfast, but a full breakfast buffet is offered for 3,50 Euros a person at the Hostel. They were voted the "cleanest," hostel chain in Austria. If this is too expensive, you can find other Hostels through the same web-site.

Bed and Breakfast Inns (Guest House/Pension) start out at 30 Euros a night and go up from there. There are many guest houses to be found throughout Vienna and surrounding areas.
(This web-site has ratings, as well as the rates.)

There are also cheaper clean hotels to be found as well. I did stay at Eurostars Hotel in Vienna this past January with my sister. It was 49 Euros a night(At that time) for a double room, including breakfast. There was even a swimming pool in the hotel to use. (Not a common thing to find in a European Hotel.)

Of course you can compare hotel prices of all hotels in Vienna with this web-site:

Hope this helps you find a nice affordable room in Vienna. Ganz Freundliche Grüße, Stacy
hi ruby! i'm from manila and have been living here in vienna for 20 years now. pension houses or hotels within the city center are rather expensive but you can check out Pension Ribisch in the 10th district vienna. it's a cosy family owned inn and it's not so far from the center. just type pension ribisch vienna. their rates start at 30 eur incl breakfast. you can also try city albrecht hotel in the boundary of schwechat and 11th district vienna. it's only 10 min away fr the airport and 15 min fr the center. hope this helps kabayan!
hey Ruby,
when i moved here a couple of months ago i spent some time in the Hotel Neuwaldegg. It has nice small simple rooms but even breakfast included. You can meet easily people and the guys working at the reception are very nice. You have a great cable car connection as the hotel is a a bit away from the center...

Here is a good list with selection of hostels and hotels:
Hi Ruby,
Wombats Hostel is in a good location in the city (good public transport) and their website also offers further information about Vienna. Under 'hostelpictures' you can see what the hostel looks like.
Not very expensive hotels:

i stayed there for 4 days once and liked it quite good!!

there is also a price list online. and breakfast is included. it is quite cheap and it is very near to an underground station wherefrom you can go fast to the inner city or everywhere else in vienna

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