Where is the best place to take two college friends in from NYC out for dinner? Reasonable price but an awesome example of SF Foodie...

...Greatness would be appreciated (will need a table of 6)


City: San Francisco

State: California

Country: United States


Wow!...tall order! Much of this depend on the type of food you like and what, if any, transportation issues you might have. I think one of the best things about San Francisco is the waterfront and a few fun, not too expensive but good places to eat are Pier 23, Butterfly, Plant, La Mar and a couple of places in the Ferry Bldg.

Another area to check is the Triangle Area in Cow Hollow, just off Lombard at Steiner. There are several restaurants there and long Union Street and Chestnut as A6 and several more. It's pretty hard to find a bad restaurant in that area and all are good for college age kids. The Mission area also has several reasonably priced but tasty restaurants.

I definitely would check for places in these areas.

Hope that's of some help.

Susan Driscoll
Hi, I reccommend to select a disrct in SF and narrow your search from there. My first rec is Nothbeach. My two favoritye restraunts: Tomasso's (Kearne St.) est. in SF in 1920's, Oak oven Italian food...excellent but you have to wait in line. Also the 'Stnking Rose' on Columbus...need a reservation. Newer restraunt but it is what i remeber restraunts in SF to be like. Excellent menu! have to love garlic...or Tadich Grill ...(financial district near Market) true SF restraunt established in 1850s. can't go wrng here, Ask if they take reservations...have Fun!
Fisherman's Wharf
If you're looking for a lively, communal atmosphere (and plenty of beer), Suppenkuche in Hayes Valley can't be beat. Alternatively, for a nice atmosphere but an environment conducive to catching up and chatting, try Aperto in Potrero Hill.
I would pick Fisherman's Wharf, the famous pier 39. You can't go wrong. You'll get to do some shopping, strolling after meal. It'll be a day of fun.

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All great suggestions. I'd definitely check out Tacolicious on Chestnut street. they have a great atmosphere with music and a lot of young good looking people.

Also on Chestnut is Dellarosa, a fantastic Italian/pizza place with a good bar.

my last idea is to check out Roam and the Brickyard on Union street. they're right next door to each other and are always packed. probably because of the great food and local and friendly vibe.

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