How do I get to Iriomote Island?

I'm thinking of a holiday in Iriomote Island,the thing is,I don't know how to get there.It seems to far from the main Japan. Which is the easiest way to reach Iriomote Isle from US?


Country: Japan


Sounds like you will have to fly to one of the major international airports (Narita, Kansai, or Chubu [Nagoya]) and than catch a domestic flight to Naha (Okinawa). My guess is that Narita would have the most frequent flights and more choices.

From Naha, you would then need to get to Ishigaki Island, and from there, take a ferry to Iriomote. This is a very useful page:

To fly directly to Ishigaki, it seems the best way to go is to fly to Kansai International (Osaka). Narita does not have direct flights to Ishigaki and you would have to transit to Haneda Airport for your Ishigaki flight.

Another helpful page:
This link gives some timetables and info:

You can fly directly from Narita or Kansai to Ishigaki Airport via ANA or JTA (a subsidiary of JAL). From the airport, take a taxi to the harbor where you can catch a ferry going to Iriomote. Travel time by ferry is about an hour or two depending on the weather conditions. Iriomote Island is a protected area so there's really nothing much over there. Be sure about your accommodations before going there otherwise you might have to camp! Another alternative is to travel daily from Ishigaki daily but that's more expensive and time-consuming (but better accommodation options)! Enjoy!

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