Sending a package from Thailand to UK - how much will it cost?

I'm in Thailand and some of my UK friends are asking me to send some stuff for them. The size is approximately two cigarette cartons. Do you know how much it would cost me to send a package this size? Just give me a rough amount so I would have an idea. Thanks!


Country: Thailand


you want send them only pictures or pocket with cigarets? if only pictures - you just need go to post office and ask there - i think not more then 50 bht.
Postage is based upon the weight and not the size of the package.

Surprisingly, the Thai Post actually have a good website where you can check:

Postage is based upon the weight and not the size of the package.A package upp to 1kg cost 950thb.
It is depending of which methode you want to use, If it normal registed parcel, it may cost about 500 - 600 THB will need about 15 days to be delivered, other than that will expensiver EMS about 1100 THB.

be carefull of the customs ! Your cigarettes might be blow before you friend even smell it
Depends on the weights and the type of it. If you want it register or EMS, it will be more expensive but you can ask at the post office but I dun think you will have to pay that much!
The answer is not the cost but the weight of the package. Also depends if you send by Thai post or by a company like DHL, in this case the Thai version is EMS.
Keep this in mind: the website of the Thai Post is better than it's service.

it has the calculate program within.
Hi becarefull what you send out, but at postal prices should be around 1500 THB, but for couriers it could be around 2-3000.00THB.
Hope that helps.
depending what you want to send and with who.
Postal-service is the cheapest.


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