Trip to Israel,need clarifications.

Hello,I'm planning to travel to Israel from the US. How much would the approximate airfare and the travel time? I'm interested in visiting places in Israel that showcase the Jewish and Catholic religious history. Which places should I visit?


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Travel time depends on where your trip originates, and what airline/route you travel. Non-stop flying time from JFK, Newark, or Toronto is about 10-1/2 hours.

As for airfares, there are many internet sites where you can easily search for flights from your home city to Tel Aviv and back, and see their respective fares.

There is an endless list of possibilities of what to see and do here--all within your sphere of interest. Once you've decided you want to come, please contact me directly at for complete, personal attention.

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You must visit Jerusalem. I don't know how many days you plan to visit Israel, but up to 3-4 days you must spend in Jerusalem and follow the roots and histoty of all 3 religions. Visiting Nazareth in the north of Israel with lake of Galileele (Kinereth) are also very important and interesting places. Wish you a wonderful trip and vacation here and will be happy to help you with more information.
Airfare is best if you buy your ticket in the USA.
I would allow 1 day each way as the minimum flying time between the East Coast and Tel Aviv is 10-11 hours.
What to see - I suggest you take a look at my site - www(.) - there are 3 pages showing all the recomended places in Israel.
The airfare, you can find on the net all kind of prices, depends on the time, the season you are coming. In May the Pop is coming to visit Israel so the prices will be very high. Or during the Jewish holidays or kids vacation prices will be high.

You can visit Israel in 6 days or in 10 days it is up to you. From the end of March we have Summer time so days are longer, but sites in Israel closes at 5 pm, so you suppose to decide whether you would like to do it in a rush or enjoy yours staying.

You won't be able to see all the sites in Israel in one visit, but you will see the main ones and the most important. The main regions that you suppose to visit are: Tel Aviv and the area, Galilee, Jerusalem, Dead Sea and Massada and Eilat. This is for a 10-12 days staying in Israel.

Pay attention to the weather in Israel as well – in the summer time it is very hot in Israel, it might be nice to be at the beach lying on the soft sand but might be very hot to tour. The best time to come to Israel is during May or November although you might catch a heat wave as well.

Welcome to Israel – you won't be sorry it is amazing place.

Yahaloma (Diamond)
From N.Y the flight to Israel is about 11 hours. Israel is compact, so the tour could combining any places you look for.
Details on airfares can be shown via the internet. Touring Israel is the place where everything started: Jerusalem, Nazareth, Bethlehem, the see of the Galilee and more historical and religious places.
I would recommend you to start from the Jerusalem area and than the north (Nazareth). The south is an option but now the hot season is taken place i wouldn't recommend it without some water around (Eilat can be a nice stop after a long day in that climate.
If you're interesting touring these places with a local (not commercial) guide i can offer you my knowledge and experience on that (only expanses are required as it's all for a non-profit purposes).
I'd recomend you to visit The Baha'i gardens in Haifa and Akko, it is really the most beautiful place in Israel.

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