Hello. I'm new in town and am looking for some things to see and do that aren't in the guidebooks. I'd like to visit one of the...

...Pueblos Jovenes for example, or get to know the city north of Lima Centro and south of Barranco. Can anyone give me specific suggestions? Many thanks!


Country: Peru


You can try Villa El Salvador.I think there even is a family owned small guesthouse there. It is certainly one of the most incredible birth of a new town some 30 years ago in an empty desert south of Lima.
Hi, I'm Erika Herrera. Well, next month I'm going to a Pueblo joven with a group of friends. We can arrange to go and for more information you need.
I live in Barranco, and this district is smaller in comparison with anothers, like Ate, Villa El Salvador.. or El Zapallal or Huaycán..mY e-mail is
See you soon
Hello, he(she) visits and finds tourist information in Peru.
Hey Matt.. there's many pueblos jovenes around the city, i have friends who work at NGO's there who could help u or take u around if u'd like a closer approach... and well, u also say u'd like to do things that aren't in the guidebooks but i'mg gonna need u to be a bit more specific so i can give u many suggestions...
take care.
Hi Matt, well u can go to Villa el Salvador, El Agustino, there are many Pueblos Jovenes, and see how is the reality of poor people here. You should go to Los Olivos, is a big town in Lima, is situated in the north, Barranco is not a big town but it has lots of things to do, specially enjoy the nightlife ;)... u can write me if u have any doubt
add me and I will tell you many things about Lima.
hi!! well i´d made some comunity services in some "pueblos jovenes"... you don´t need to go out of lima.. here in LIMA you can find. in ... villa el salvador,el agustino, pamplona alta,villa maria del triunfo.there are many people who need help.. they will apreciated and be very thanksfull.
i study medicine and sometime we go to C"entro de Salud San Fernando de Valdiviezo, next to the hill where is located el pueblo joven 7 de Octubre, in el Agustino

here is a list of many many pueblo jovenes located in el agustino..lima
Pueblo joven
Ancieta alta
Ancieta baja
Cerro el agustino
Cuarto programa municipal
El amauta
Hatari yacta
La menacho
La primavera
Las cataratas
Las terrazas de catalina huanc
Los huancas
Los libertadores
Los socialistas
Manuel scorza
Manuel seoane corrales
Maria herrera de acosta
San carlos
Santa isabel
Siete de octubre
Vicentelo bajo
Villa santa isabel
Virgen de la asuncion
Virgen de lourdes
Virgen del carmen

also ig you wana know the centro of lima there is chosica, naña, chaclacayo which are some places where are many clubs with pool, tennis etc...
lima is not only lima dowtown ,,,lima has many littles cities inside.... huancay,chaclacayo, cañete, huaral, huarochiri, barranca...
Well I am a medicine student... so I do a lot of social work if is that what you are interested in.... I know many places around.... I know about poverty and the needs of people... you can contact me: ...
hi Matt

well, as someone said before there are pueblos jovenes around the downtown , i dunno know if u had the chance to go to Pachacamac , there's one just next to it.
if u wanna come north there are many on the way Ancon (an old bay area that was the favorite beach destination, with old houses, museum and fishermen)
if u wanna go right the way there is an Ong call UN TECHO PARA MI PAIS they visit pueblos jovenes and build houses for poor people, they're doing some suscriptions starting tomorrow cuz they will have a visit soon . i think it's a good way for u to get in touch with people and visit a pueblo joven, it's safe and the experience it's just awesome
hope i help u a lil bit
don't hesitate in asking any other question u may have
have a great time in Peru!
there's just tOo MUCH to see here
Hello... there is plenty options regarding Lima. Regarding to the North: Rimac neighborhood, the highlight there must be the "Paseo de Aguas" The beer Factory "Backus" and the "Los Descalzos" Convent. Them in the south I think you should go to Pachacamac, because besides the Popular ruins over there, there is a big "Pueblo Joven" (shanti town) a huge rate of poverty and different lifestyle in those places, better go and visit with a Local.
You can also go to Lurin and Cieneguilla. It has a beautiful view!!!
Hola ! It`s interesting that you don`t want to visit the usual places, however; be careful if you go to the Pueblos Jovenes because they are not very safe places.
hi, I'd like to help you but I live in Trujillo, if u come here I could help u!
Hi Matt, I agreed with Alberto Gonzales, you have to be carefully, not only when you visit that places called "Pueblos Jovenes" or "Asentamientos Humanos", there are good and bad everywhere of the world, I would like to show you some of the south of Lima, called Cono Sur...I can do it just on weekend,my email is: . Welcome to Perú.
As you could see, there are many suggestions, I'll give u just another place, but it has reason. I'll suggest to visit Campoy and all places around it in the district of San Juan de Lurigancho. Thats a place that is still growing full of friendly people... but, unfortunately quite poor, the places around are so poor... but there's a reason of my suggestion.. that's a problem that is happening there, some teenagers are going out of the way.. some others are doing all the possible to try to impulse the activities of the church, trying to look for new things that help them to motivate the other ones and try to have a better situation for them and their families. When some friends come to peru, or people like you ask me where other places must they go.. like, for doing social activities.. I suggest them that place.. they need people that can show them that are interested to participate in their activities, maybe not helping with money, or other things, just telling them their experience of life.. sharing the culture.. u do not have idea, how it would be useful for them. If you need help for going to that place, feel free to contact me! for free obviously!
hi. you can visit Mega Plaza, that is located in Independencia, it is a shopping center where you can see several department stores, and aslso you can visit the restaurants and drink something.
Another place to know about culture is Carabayllo, it is near Comas, you can enter to their webpage to know the beatiful touristic places, enter to this webpage and enjoy the pictures: . BYE
Try my Lima city bike tour. It can be custom tailored to fit your desires and visit the city the way you want to do.
Contact me:
Phone 433 7981

Hello. I can show you some place in Lima's periphery. We can go to some places in North (Rimac,Los Olivos, Independencia,Carabayllo and Ancon) and south of Lima (San Juan, Lurin, Pachacamac). However, it depends what do you want to see. Maybe historic places there, archaeological places, or just walk around knowing places and people, and how they live. If you are interested you can send me a message: . and we could make a better plan. In Northern Lima you could see some Huacas (archaeological places)like Garagay, old haciendas, pueblos jovenes and shopping centers. We could go to Ancon too, an old spa and historic place with beautifull views. Sothern Lima, San Juan has some haciendas, we could visit country sides and archaeological places in Lurin and Pacahacamac.
Well, if you are interested, just send me a message. Greetings.

Ricardo Granados.
Hello Matt!!.. well i think you have lots of advices for your visit to Peru!! :).. one more. Please keep in mind that places like "Pueblos Jovenes" are most of the time not really "safe" places for tourits, so it's highly advised that you go in a group and preferably through a non profit organization like the ones mentioned in the posts before :). maybe you won't be able to help poor people directly but you can spread the word and others can become interested too!! :)
north of Lima downtown you will find lots of commercial places (most of them family owned), factories, beach clubs and lots of pubs. North-east (chosica) nice place, you'll get to see a bit of the country side of the city :). East of lima,few commercial places, lots of educational institutions, few pubs. South, lots of commercial places..lot's of pubs and discos and also beach, and archelogical temples.
out of lima.. either north or south, mostly beaches, and hiking trails :). hope this info help you.. anything else.. just ask!!... have fun!! :)
Villa el Salvador is a success story started in the 70s as an "invasion" and through social and political struggle managed to morph itself into a well regulated industrial settlement. The Municipalidad is very helpful to people like you interested in understanding the history of VES and you can visit furniture factories and community-run schools
I recommend you Los Olivos and if u want to go to Barranco just add me in ur msn with this mail!
hey Matt,
We work with several humanitarian projects outside of town. Particularly one on the outskirts of Limatambo (about 1.5 hours from Cusco). It's an orphanage that can give you a rel feel for life in the village. If you are interested let me know and we can arrange to get you out there. Call me 232519.

Hey I could take you in a Tour to the south of Lima , that include, Pueblos Jovenes, pantanos de Villa and Pachacamac Ruin, and a nice lunch in the beach. All this Tour is 100 dolars and all is on a motorcycle, Kawasaki 250 KLR I drive and you take pictures, is a lot of fun, I know all that part very well because i leave La Encantada de Villa, Call me my cel Phone is 993195819, Ronny
hello matt my name is julio . iam a tour guide here in lima. i live in the olivos distrit . well i recomend you should visit the distrit of ventanilla . there is a place called pachacutesd it is a hacentamiento humano where live poor people i used to go there some years ago . me anmd a friend from usa he is thinking to help them . he is a priest . well also if you are intertesting in orther things i can help you with the oplans just me me a email or my celular 997188675
how do you look, friend?, are you sure taht you want to take the risk, do you have any sponsor, Please, take note that it is not an easy game, I am sure that I don´t like to take this risk. You need a guide to go to Pueblos Jovenes.

Please be careful. That is not a touristic area.
Villa el salvador is one of the first " pueblo joven " , now it is not anymore, it is part of the city, for the me the question is , What do you want to see exactly? Do you want to help ? what is your plan ?. let me now or email me to


Jose Antonio
Iam sure that you will see lot of those places in Lima, but as always becareful with your backpacks, camera, wallet, passport, etc.
and never go alone to Rimac place, that neigboorhood is very dangerous.

but In cusco are diferent the Pueblos jovenes, Here you have contact with local people who speaks our mother languaje (quechua).
you will be in contant with animal, enviroment, natural places, and clean air ( no polution).
Id you are interested, in the next letter i can write you some names of my Cusco city.
have a great time and enjoy PERU 100 %.
Ruth Mendez Soto
H Matt .
Im Karin.
I was in Manchay its a small place that is growing...I think that you can find a lot of things to do there, like work with children is you want.Is not so far from Lima by bus is 1h 30 moreorless from mkiraflores...
H Matt .
Im Karin.
I was in Manchay its a small place that is growing...I think that you can find a lot of things to do there, like work with children is you want.Is not so far from Lima by bus is 1h 30 moreorless from mkiraflores...
Hello Matt
Regarding your interest on things to see/do: I'd recommend to join a NGO or even religious associations. Where can you find info about them? Best place: Universities. You have time enough to hang around in Peru, I guess taking public transportation will do a lot for your interests. Also reading two books (according to your profile): El Otro Sendero by Hernando de Soto and The Peru Reader by Orin Starn. For Barranco, I reccomend a very old bar, Juanito, in Grau 274, next to a pizza fast-food. Good bohemia over there. There's also a nice warm bar, Canta Rana, few blocks from there, next to Metro. The owner is a Racing-fan Argentine guy. If you wanna try some exotic jungle beverages, real cheap and the place is always crowded, go to Trapiche bar at grau 201. To dance good rock/reagge music, go to Sargento. Also because a lot of beautiful limeñas go there :) There are many places, actually, ask around, peruvians are very friendly.
Hi there, you can visit huaycan, or ventanilla... for pueblos jovenes...if u need any other information, contact me:
yeahhh go to la punta en el callao
Hi!, i think everyone has answered you question about pueblos, jovenes, but about visiting some other places in lima that are not in the guide books, let me halp you. Lima is a big province, and there are 3 places very beautiful you can visit: first, marcahuasi, its a plateau with laggons and very strange rock with different forms with a very, its a place with very specvial energy. also u can visit huancaya and vilcas, two close towns wre u can do fishing and admire beautiful natural waterfalls. also another town is tupe, its a town only ruled by women and they live following ancetral traditions. u can google either one of those places on thw web and get more information. i hope i could help you.
To all the suggestion I add that you must go with someone that really knows the place because there aren't safe even for a "limeño".
BTw, it's nice that you wanna visit places that aren't in a guidebook.
Good luck and enjoy your time here.
This is your guide:

Take care, Jorge
There are lots of very good suggestions! just adding one more thing, just leave all this stuff to a local, and for sure, everything it's gonna be great!
Hi there!well I've been reading your email and I'd feel glad to help you...About visting Pueblos Jovenes,I can tell you that there are a lot of them for visiting and most of them are inside of Lima and towns around such as Villa El Salvador, Zapallal, Ventanilla, Ventanilla , San Juan de Miraflores, etc.
So If you need any more information about those places, I can give you my help, so don't hesitate for asking for information, If you want you can contact me at care and have good day* :D
hey dud i can help you more, cuz i know both worlds in my country, maybe when you arrive i can take you many places, we can travel in combi if you want (lol) i have a friend, he comes from newzeland and he loves all this culture called "cultura combi" well, any time you need help, you have a friend here in Peru! bye
One of the best ways to know lima besides the guidebooks suggestions is to get on one of the local bus lines (micros) and stay aboard until it eventually takes you to the same spot, some go way north and south, so you get to see the shanty towns without risking being robbed or something, though the best way will be to have a local friend helping you around, there are some spots even we avoid
Pueblos Jovenes are all around Lima, many of them are quite cool to visit, others are somehow tricky. Just take a taxi to show you around, or contact me for a guided tour around Lima.
dont go to lima. go to the andes. ayacucho.

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