I am trying to find a modestly priced beach resort in Nha Trang. Please DO NOT suggest Vinpearl - my client has already rejected...

...that as an option.


Country: Vietnam


I have a link about Nha Trang Hotel. Please try to review it:
Sorry Cindy, I don't want just another link which I can find for myself. I want SOLID advice and information.
There are no modest beach resorts in Nha Trang, only top class : Diamond Bay, Evasion Hideway, Ana Mandara. Good Beachfront hotels are Sunrise, Yassaka, Sheraton and Novotel. Modest Beach resort, try Whale Island.
Thanks Kris. A couple of places there I hadn't considered.
I'm in Tuy Hoa most of the resorts in Nha Trang are pretty high priced. Your person could opt to stay at a 'decent' hotel in downtown then just hang at the resorts along the beach during the day.
Thanks Bob. I know what you mean ... which is why I asked the question!
I've suggested a hotel, but neither person wants a "hotel feel".

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