What the best tourist spot in France? Give only one answer!

What place will you recommend if you could choose only one place to go?


Country: France


PROVENCE Definatly !!!!!
aquitaine with bassin d'arcachon, Bordeaux, Pau, Carcassonne....
If you can choose only one place to go and you come only once I would definitely say Paris although I am not a parisian and I don't like very much the capital myself. In any other case come to visit my region Haute-Savoie if you love mountains.
As a tour guide I know that my clients all fall in love with Paris.
If you want a closer look at authentic unspoilt France, come to the South West: full of medieval villages, castles, colourful open markets, scenic roads. Not far from the Spanish border. Not touristy and crowded like the Cote d'Azur or Provence.
i say Provence as well; u have the sea and the countryside, small villages, good food.... total relax!
Carcassonne & the region around it! Have a look at & get an idea of how tranquil the area is!
I organize tours both in Provence and the French Alps, and I have to say that The Savoy area, in the French Alps is my favorite !!!
Valerie from
BIARRITZ ! most beautiful town in France (Aquitaine, south west)
visit the site , choose "biarritz" and watch the fabulous pictures...
The Lot region for lovely scenery, country markets, medieval villages,woodland walks, swimming and canoeing in the rivers and local festivals
Paris!!! of course. I fulfilled a life long dream and moved here 3 years ago after living in NY all my life. I have a great Paris blog eyepreferparis.dotcom and tour private walking tours of paris , the most beautiful city in the world!
eye prefer paris
Paris, cause if you don't go to see the Eifel Tower in Paris then I don't think that anybody can clain to have visited France
Not a good question vis-a-vis France..... So many "best" tourist spots to single out just one. Being a regular visitor to France I can say this with confidence..

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