Hello my name is Christian and I want to cross from Cape York (northern point in Australia) to New Guinea. I want to know if there's any ships, boats or if it's there a port! Please REPLY with all the Info you got and if anyone did it tell me your experience. Thanks!!


Country: Australia



I am not aware of any direct boats that travel between Cape York and Papua New Guinea ( unless they are illegal boats ), however I have included the website details for you to find some of the answers directly for yourself and make enquiries - the closest I can think you will get is to Thursday Island off Cape York and heading in the direction of Papua New Guinea

Sorry I could not be of more assistance to you

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At the top of Cape York you can catch a ferry to Thursday Island. This is a fairly good sized port and you can catch some sort of boat from there to Papua New Guinea. I was at top of Cape York myself and went to thursday island. I was going to island hop all the way to P.N.G. but decided not to in the end........I dont know if you can definitely do it but I believe you will meet people in thursday island who can put you in touch with the right people........island hop on little fishing boats all the way to png. an adventure of a lifetime one I would love to do

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