Mount Fuji tour

Where is best to get a day tour for Mount Fuji? thanks you


City: Tokyo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


It depends on how you want to get there. usually a bus is the cheapest way to go from Tokyo.
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Check Hato Bus tour. They have English tour as well!
Are you planning to climb up to the peak and get back in a day? That will be physically very hard, but if you were you, I would take the first train on Odakyu Line for Odawara, which is leaving Shinjuku at 5:30 a.m. Get off at Shin-Matsuda and change trains to Gotemba Line at Matsuda.It is pretty close, but you will have to get out from the station once, and then buy a ticket again at a very tiny train station of Matsuda. It takes more than an hour, so I believe you will make it to the one leaving Matsuda at 7:23. (Be sure to take the one for Gotemba & Numazu.) That will take you to Gotemba in about 40 minutes. There is a bus leaving Gotemba at 8:10 to the Fifth Station of Mt. Fuji, which is in the middle of the mountain. From there to peak, it will be a serious trekking. Be well-prepared for the height and the low temperature, etc. It's in Japanese, but this is the time table for that bus.

Try to take the one leaving Gotemba at 8:10. That way, you can get plenty time to climb up to the peak and get down to the bus stop at the Fifth Station. The second time-table is for coming back to Gotemba. Be sure to take the one leaving there at 17:00 at the latest, otherwise you will be totally lost! From Gotemba, there is one leaving Gotemba at 17:55. This one takes you directly to Shinjuku. Take a nap, and you will find yourself arriving in Shinjuku in less than 2 hours when you get up.

The reason why I recommend you to take the route via Gotemba is because there is an immense volcanic sand area along that route just below the peak. Also, you can take a look at the newest crater called Hoei which exploded about 300 years ago. Anyway, please do not under-estimate the mountain. Please be sure to take warm hiking jacket, hiking shoes, etc. & water, food. Bringing back the garbage is highly recommended. Take care, and have a great day there.

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