Narita Airport to Asakusa station

Hi What are the options of getting from Narita Airport to Asakusa station please? How much does it cost? Thank you David


City: Tokyo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


This will differ slightly depending on the time you are at Narita but taking the Keisei Skyliner or Sky Access as it's called now, here is one option. Keisei Sky Access from Narita airport to Keisei Takasato station, 6 stops 41 minutes, transfer to Keikyu line honsen to Asakusa Station, destination of train Kurihama, 8 stops 14 minutes. Total cost - 1240 yen total time 1 hour 10 minutes including transfer time, walking time, and waiting time. You can also take the Skyliner to Ueno Station and transfer to the Ginza line which will take you to Asakusa station. Take the Sky Liner to Ueno Station, 2 stops 41 minutes. Transfer to the Ginza line at Ueno Station and take the Ginza line to Asakusa Station, 3 stops 5 minutes. Total traveling time, 1 hour 8 minutes including transfers, walking, and waiting time. Total cost, 2560 yen. The locations of the Keikyu Line Asakusa Station and Ginza Line Asakusa Station are slightly different. I prefer the Gina line because it will take you to the main street in Asakusa.

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