Hello, I am looking for a house to rent in Aug. in Austria (French Tirol, or Carinthie) any suggestions.


Country: Austria


There are numerous web-sites you can look through for renting a home in theses areas. Most are only in German though. Rent=Mieten

(These sites will tell you how big the house is, and how many rooms available in the house, and most have prices listed.)

Here is the same company as above, with offers in Corinthia (Kärnten):

Here are some sites in English:

You might also want to think about a house exchange:

Another great idea...e-bay. http:w
(Go to the category, "Reise".
Then look under the category, "Ferienwohnungen & -häuser,"
Click on "Österreich". This will take you to the available houses at the time...they will have dates listed in the listing.)

Here is a direct link to the e-bay page of listed houses:

Most listings include the telephone number of the renter to ask questions...and even though most can speak a little English, you should be prepared to speak or understand a little German.

Hope this helps a bit. Liebe Grüße, Stacy
Thank you very much for your thourough answer. I will try these links.

Just wanted to add that there is actually no 'French' Tirol in Austria - Tirol is split into 2 parts: Nordtirol (North Tirol) in the West and Osttirol (East Tirol) - in the West of Kaernten (Carinthia) and South of Salzburg.
Ah, ok. On a guide, here they call the western part of tirol french tirol.


depending what you you want and where exactly you wanna go , also what you are looking for-house, apartment, hostel...
you can look this up: . it will provide you with a list of privately owned houses or aparments anywhere in austria. you can book directly from the owners who can give you a better price. houses and apartments are normally rented on a weekly basis.

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