I will be living for one month in Takanawa. Does any one know if there is an olympic pool as well as yoga available around there?


City: Takanawa

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


Have you tried Googling?? There is an Olympic pool at Yoyogi and many yoga classes can be found in and around the centre of Tokyo. Check Google or Tokyo Metropolis (), it's an excellent guide in English for foreign visitors and residents. It should be able to help you find a yoga class during your stay. Many gyms also offer yoga classes, but you'll find equally as many private instructors. You may also want this:
It's a Tokyo American Club Takanawa facility guide.
Hope that helps.
Dear Guest,

Welcome to Japan Tokyo.
Unfortunately, Original Olympic pool at Yoyogi has already closed back in many years ago.
Now old and dark pool is working at under floor of National track and field.

I recommend you Tokyo metropolitan gymnasium to visit swimming and Yoga.
It is very clean area and you can find out many kind of training course which include Yoga, too.

I also recommend you Tatsumi international swimming pool.
This facility is very clean and beautiful area. Pool is located at canal. You can spend wonderful sunset time from pool.

If you want to visit there, I can drive with you. I usually train 2-3 times per week and I am visiting several swimming pool for my exercise. (I am water polo player and referee, too.)

Please ask and let me know your prefer. Feel free and don't hesitate.

Good luck,

There is another public pool near Gotanda station. The size is not 50m but 25m.
Its very common in Japan due to the space limitation.
The name of the facility is Shinagawa ward sport center, map here
my place is in okubo tokyo 1 station from shinjuku.yes i know a place where you can use a olympic size pool and one good news is you dont have to pay for monthly but you can just pay everytime you feel like going to the pool and it's just less than 500yen.about the yoga yes there are alot but you have to pay for monthly not unlike the pool that you have to pay everytime you want to use.
I remember that there is a wonderful gym with a swimming pool in the Prince Hotel Sakura Tower in Takanawa. I don't know if they offer Yoga classes there, but if you give me time, I can look into more specific local information for some Yoga studios and the charge for the swimming pool at the Prince Hotel.
There is a very nice and clean public 25m long indoor swimming pool in Higashi-Gotanda, which is next area to Takanawa, probably walking distance. Cost 350yen for 2 hours.
It is located within Hino Jr. High School Building, has big Gym and studio areas too.

To use other areas of this sports complex, you need to be a resident of Shinagawa Ward but not nesseserery for the swimming pool.

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