is there any place in mombasa or nairobi or its environs where i could see parrots??in the wild not in cages or zoos.


Country: Kenya


hey. i don tknow about nairobi or mombasa but i belive Tsavo is the place to go.! I hope this helps
ok soon ill be heading to tsavo east and ill ernestly search for parrots,i hope you are right. anyone else with a different ans?
I have never seen or heard of any Parrots in the Tsavo!
really,then i shouldnt have hopes of seeing any there.
Contact Origins safari , they are bird experts in Kenyan for so many years and they have even written books on birds.
There are so many birders, researchers and bird-ringers out there NOT only Origins Safaris!!!
if i wanted to contact a safari or bird expert i would have done so a long time ago.i chose to ask my question here to receive real local help from the localytes,and many of these localytes are already experts in their field,so im sure there are some bird experts here its not a must to see these parrots at a reserve or park,i wana see them in their wild self in an area that is not a park or game reserve.
It depends what kind of parrot? At Lake Naivasha, there alot of Tanganika love birds, but you have to go to Kakamega rainforest near Eldoret and be really lucky to see the African Grey parrot.
so there arent many grey parrots in that forest? im hoping to see one of those coloured parrots,i dont know if they live in this part of the birds are cute but im not really interested in them.
getting parrots at their natural habitant in nairobi and mombasa respectively is a night mare, try lake nakuru national park i saw several when i was there last.
Also check out Kakamega Forest with so many of them or you can go to Mt Elgon nationla park yu find some but you have to be very patient in oder for to some Parrots .. Bless..
I doubt whether you can get any free ranging parrot in mombasa unless those under captivity.

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