When the first Sinhalese come to Sri Lanka and from where they came?


Country: Sri Lanka


Sinhalese never came from any other country to Srilanka. It was their country. When prince wijaya came and got married to Queen Quveni they got mixed with Aryans then they were called Aryasinhala.
On the wikipedia website I found that


It is believed that about the 5th century BCE, settlers from North-Eastern India reached the island of Sri Lanka. This group of settlers is referred to as prince Vijaya and his entourage in the chronicle Mahavamsa. These new settlers merged with the native Hela tribes known as Yakka, Naga who spoke Elu language, and a new nation called Sinhala came to exist. In the following centuries, there was substantial immigration from Eastern India-Bengal (Kalinga, Magadha) which led to an admixture of features of Eastern Prakrits"

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