would like to become involved in Pacific Island cruising as deckhand. Have exp. East coast, and caribbean. In oahu now

where are good spots to meet boaters looking for experienced crew for cruising and deliveries?


City: Honolulu

State: Hawaii

Country: United States


You should check out The Fishermans Wharf close to Ward Center .
Thanks ever so much for your quick response. I plan on heading that way today or tomorrow
Seaman's Residence (corner of alakea and nimitz hwy.) Pier 38 and Honolulu harbors division Aloha tower.
Boy oh boy! I really do thank you for responding so quickly. Will head that way sooner than later. You are very helpful....I will let you know how it turns out. best wishes to you and yours
Howard Kau sent you comment about Aloha Tower would be a nice place to start looking. Another good place, is at Ala Moana Marina has some small commercial boats for the tourist. Good luck I know you will love it here. ALOHA!
Thanks Belinda...Will try that right after the Tower...
Hi Keith,
Yachts in Hawaii are looking for crew all year round, but if you are looking to cruise into the South Pacific most yachts leave early summer(april-June) to get in as much cruising as possible before the cyclone season. Also this is around the time the tradewinds arrive and cruising is at it's best. There is also a marina on the windward side at Ko Olina Resort. Many boats leave out of there each year and they have aboard where you can post an ad
Thanks Robin...This is exactly the information I was hoping to find here
Kewalo Basin has lots of boats for fishing sailing sports not sure of deliveries
Thank you. I'll check it out

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