where is the most strategic edge in masai mara national park to plant my camp site as we wait for the annual big event that is...

...migration of thousands of wild beast .zebras and entelope from serengeti to masai mara national park, i need your help


Country: Kenya


a really good spectacle to behold is the mega herd crossing the mara river,so anywhere along the river would be a good vantage point to view them,although many visitors miss the crossing because there is no particular day when they cross,the animals crossing date varies each year,so good communication with the trackers on the Lamai Wedge, Ndutu/Naabi area, Kusini Camp and the Serengeti Serena Lodge is important to calculate and anticipate the coming of the mega herd to the mara river.
Once inside Masai mara, Governor's Il Moran Tented Camp is the leading safari camp in the Masai Mara to view the mega herd.
The lesser known Loita migration originating from the Loita plains, east of the Masai Mara arrived in early June. Lead by the zebra and followed by the wildebeest, they occupied the conservancies on the northern and eastern boundaries of the Masai Mara Reserve. Numbering 30 000 animals they are second to the Serengeti migration which is in the region of 2 million animals. The Serengeti migration arrived at the Sand River area of the Masai Mara on the border between Kenya and Tanzania on the 17th June, this was early in comparison to recent years. After the amazing rains we had this season, the grassland is rich and full of nutrients, this could account for the early arrivals. In June and some of July the wildebeest are still rutting, the males run ahead of groups of females on the move and set up temporary territories in order to cover the females in that area. This is a noisy time.
Zebra typically lead the herds, as they are bulk grazers and tend to eat at a higher level than the wildebeest, topi, eland and gazelles that follow. The first wave, moved quickly and were soon crossing near 'look out hill' in their tens of thousands.

Towards the end of the month the front runners had already reached one of the larger crossings opposite Serena, they did cross but in smaller numbers.

June has been much the same as May in the Musiara area, with most of the pains game concentrated along the river and up on 'Topi plain'. At the start of the month, we saw huge herds of elephant numbering two hundred individuals in the marsh area. With the drying of the grasses and sensing the imminent arrival of the wildebeest migration the elephant have now mostly moved into the acacia woodlands bordering the reserve. This area is where we do our walking safaris, so it has been a great treat to see so many elephant back.

It's official - the annual migration of the wildebeest from the Serengeti in Tanzania to the Masai Mara in Kenya started six days ago.

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Blog :
Large groups of giraffe numbering from fifteen to twenty five individuals have been passing by the camps on the periphery of the forest line browsing on the Teclea bushes. The resident herd of buffalo have been grazing around the marsh area with the bachelor males resting along the river edge in mud pools.

We have had regular sightings of three rhino from the balloon and on the game drives back to Little Governors' Camp. A male and a female rhino have been seen together a few times south of paradise plain, and we have also seen them mating. Which maybe be great news for rhino numbers in the area. The Kenya Wildlife Service were in the Mara for about five days in mid June doing a rhino count. The 2006 census numbered between twenty five to thirty individuals, some moving between Kenya and Tanzania. We await their new findings.

The Marsh pride of lions spent most of the month in the areas bordering the reserve around the leopard gorge area in search of zebra which had moved in from the Loita plains. We have had the occasional sightings between the Musiara Marsh and Bila Shaka. One lioness and the nine three year old sub-adults had spent a few days near the airstrip, following a few zebra into the reserve. The two pride males have not been seen this month, but we have had a report of one of them getting into a fight and coming off second best.

Lots of the larger birds have chicks at the moment including a family of Saddle-Billed Storks who are nesting in a Balanites tree on the other side of the marsh, the chicks are almost fully fledged and are wobbling precariously in their flimsy nest. Also a family of Crowned Crane living near the Marsh has some small chicks.

Interestingly on a recent game drive our guests came across a 2.5m Black-necked spitting cobra who was busily chasing a skink into a termite mound.

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Hi contact Mara Explorer or Kichwa Tembo for details. They have daily immigration monitoring
The migration is in the Mara now. I was there when I saw them entering on the 23rd June, 2010. Pitch your tent outside the park at Big time tented camp or any others along the eastern gate - Oloolomitia gate and drive and see the gnu inside the park on a daily basis. Do not pitch your tent inside the park, lets you are eaten by predators.
hi there, I do have a facility at the Conservancy like 8kms from the Mara river. Very serene and affordable. Get in touch with me and we could make arrangements.
As a freelance tour leader i will be damned if i would recommend a good strategic place in the Masai Mara where one can set up a camp site reason
1.the Masai Mara at the moment is over crowed, too many camps and hotels
2.secondly i believe as a localyte i should always try to look out for the best interest not only for me but also for this nation and my kids why should i assist you to ruin my children future .
lets leave the Masai Mara for the animals and let accommodation be out of the Masai Mara.

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