as i walked around lake baringo, a site populary known for its large number of ostrish [struthio camelus] i was shoked by the late of...

...decline in the number of this largest bird in the world what could be reason behide this .phenomenon any one with answer


Country: Kenya


There is growing evidence that the avian influenza which has been
responsible for serious disease outbreaks in poultry and humans in several Asian countries
since 2003 is spread through a number of sources,
Although unproven, it is also suspected that the virus could possibly be carried
over long distances along the migratory bird flyways to regions previously unaffected.Avian influenza subtype H5N1 could be
transported along these routes to densely populated areas in the Middle East and Africa. these migratory birds come to rest at the lake thus passing on the virus to the poor ostriches.
the virus alone is not the only reason for decline.abit further inland cattle farmers have overrun the grassy habitats of the ostriches,thus the birds have reduced nesting over the years resulting in the decline in their population.
There may be several factors that may have caused the decrease in the population of the ostriches.With the increase in human population in that area, the habitat has faced alot of pressure hence leading to less space for the ostriches hence reduced population.Hunting might have also plyed a big part in this.With the demand of the ostrich eggs beeing high, the young ones beeing hatched also reduced the recruitment rates hence reduced population.Hunting cannot also be ruled out.
it could be poaching or environmental reasons .KWS can answer this question very well.
it could be the result of climate change as people have desroyed our enviroment

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