I am interested in visiting tsavo west advise me on the modest accommondation i need to book.Modest in terms of affordability and comfort.


Country: Kenya


in terms of affordability i would advice you to camp at Lake Jipe (public),Kamboya (public), Royal Little (special), or Diani Camp, Finch Hattons Camp or Kitani safari cant beat camping in terms of affordability plus its as comfortable as you want it to be,because it depends on the gear you're carrying.carry lightweight flimsy stuff and you'll not sleep the night.wana sleep as comfy as a king,you gota carry heavy stuff.
now considering you planned a trip to tsavo,id assume you wanted it to be memorable,so you must have set aside atleast a little sum for that case id advice you to stay at Kilaguni, the first lodge to be constructed in the park opened in 1962 by the Duke of Gloucester. The lodge affords panoramic views of the park. Its waterhole is frequented by park animals. so you're guaranteed to get your money's worth no matter what you spent,plus it'll be a trip you'll remember for many years to come.
I am based in Tsavo- Voi and there are so many options in Tsavo west in terms of accommodation. Depending with what you want to see Tsavo east have more to offer in terms of wildlife concentration as you get to see many animals in East than in the west. We have accommodation ranging from the basic camping to top luxury tented camp Finch Hattons. There is a very good camp only $60 per person sharing per night with classic services. If you really want to make this trip cheap you can do cost bus to Tsavo and we will provide you with minibuses for safari.
For a local, go to Kilaguni lodge and get special rates and enjoy.If not Serena Kilaguni lodge, then a tented camp which is not comfortable. Then why go for a holiday?????

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