What are burghers?


Country: Sri Lanka


Burghers are decendants of dutch although they used to speak english as their language. There is a dutch burgher society in Colombo.
the term burgher is derived from the German / Dutch term Birjher, which means free citizen. Burghers are a nationality of people originating from Sri Lanka, who are descendant of mixed orgins such as Dutch-Sinhala, Dutch-portugese, Potugese-Sinhala, Dutch-Tamil, Marrano-Sinhala. Burghers were a Affluent and highly educated English speaking community in Sri Lanka until the early 70's, who were forced in to exile in other places like Australia and New Zealand due to the Sihala policy and Nationalization movements of the governments of that time. There are few burghers left in Sri Lanka, and carry surnames such as Morritt, Vanculenburg, Vansanden, Vanderwal, Vandort, Schepeon, Schulling etc...
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